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Spurious Misleading Contents from Soludo’s, Ubah’s Media Aides: Is This What the Political Skirmish in Anambra Has Degenerated to?

By Izunna Okafor

This evening, June 29, 2024, I saw some trending contents on various social media platforms that left me deeply concerned. The articles, credited to the same fictitious, nonexistent author, are purely spurious and totally misleading.

One of the headlines reads: “Breaking News… Soludo Dumps APGA for APC”; and other reads: “Breaking News… Ifeanyi Ubah Dumps APC for YPP, to Declare for Governorship at Emmaus House

These spurious pieces were written and are still peddled by the media aides of Senator Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah and Governor Chukwuma Soludo, respectively. It’s disappointing to see how childish these media aides have become in their political propagandizing, misleading the public just to score cheap political points.

I don’t know and don’t care to know which piece came first, but the fact that one group wrote and the other responded in the same manner puts both at fault. There is no single show of maturity in their actions. The fact that they engaged in the same disgusting behavior and are even proudly sharing it across social media platforms in Anambra is quit troubling. This is very puerile and not mature at all.

I’m not against playing opposition or political propagandizing. At least, it helps both the government and the opposition to sit up. But there should be a limit to everything. Things should be done maturely.

Are we still doing this for the best interest of the people? If so, why should we boldly deceive the same people we claim to have their interests at heart?

I have recently watched the heated political skirmish and wrangle going on between these political groups, often to the detriment of some Ndị Anambra who are being deceived or squared up against each other, forgetting that there are implications for every action, if not today, then tomorrow.

Governor Soludo and Senator Ubah, the people you are warring for to this overboard extent, are from the same Anambra South Senatorial Zone. I even wonder why they should allow such childish, deceptive, and inconsequential behavior. Where is this spirit of brotherhood?

Are we still one Anambra, one people, one agenda? Or, are we now pursuing our personal and selfish interests without any consideration of its implications on the people?

Can’t one market themselves or their principal well without demarketing others or their competitors? Is that not one of the key qualities of a good PR person and professional media aide?

Election is still far off, and the polity is already this heated up like this. One can only imagine what it will look like when the election date approaches closer.

Bikonụ̀, ụnụ esunyekwala Anambra Ọkụ. Ọ kwa naanị otu Anambra a ka anyị nwere biko🙏🙏

I believe we have all not forgotten what the political seasons used to be in the past. Or, do we want to go back to Egypt?

And to you, my fellow media practitioners, learn to play within the context and not overboard at the detriment of the people. Don’t be overused, and don’t overuse yourself for anybody and for any reason. Everything has a limit. I understand many of you are doing this to earn your pay, but try to be mature, creative, and professional. Being imbibing all these essential qualities, you would be able to give your boss your best, in the best interest of the people.

Even if your boss pushes you to strike in the wrong way, professionally advise him and bring your creativity to bear in approaching the situation.

Mind you, I’m not saying you should estivate, be a torpid, or turn a dull gentleman. No, that’s not my point. But learn how to package your boss well and endear him to the people without unnecessarily speaking ill of others. That is professionalism. And that is why and how many brands survive in this competitive business world.

So, true true, this one wey unah do this night no work at all.

Left to me, you guys owe Ndị Anambra an apology for such misleading contents. This is because many people rely on you as only sources of origin political updates and therefore trust and believe that whatever comes from you is true. But tonight, you have just hoodwinked them with your political wrangle, just to score some cheap political points for your principal.

And I ask again, is this what the political skirmish in Anambra has degenerated to?

As you ponder over this…

Izunna Okafor writes from Awka

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