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Hymns, Hilarity, and Tinubu Strides: Ebube’s Epic Birthday Bash

By Izunna Okafor (30/07/2023)

In a realm of grace and light, there shines Ebube,
A humble soul, with a heart forever true.
With a smile that warms like the sun’s gentle ray,
He’s cherished by all, in every possible way.

As a cross bearer in church, steadfast and devout,
His voice, a heavenly choir, brings hearts to elate.
With laughter and music, the choir rings,
In the company of Ebube, all souls take wings.

With every hymn, his heart takes flight,
No hymn book needed, he knows them by heart.
In Ancient and Modern, a living art,
His voice rings out, a music so smart.

A sexton he is, serving with pride and glee,
No task too small, he fulfills it with glee.
And when he walks, it’s like Tinubu’s stride,
A funny resemblance, a joyous ride!

A feast with Ebube, oh, it’s a sight,
He eats with delight, an appetite so grand.
With laughter contagious, it echoes through,
In Ebube’s presence, our hearts renew.

So on this special day, we raise a cheer,
For Ebube, the laughter we hold dear.
With every step he takes, Tinubu-style,
He spreads joy and love, mile after mile.

Happy birthday, Ebube! A soul so bright,
You fill our lives with laughter and light.
As sexton and singer, friend and confidant,
You’re a cherished gem, a joyful enchantment!

©Izunna Okafor, 2023.

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