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Anambra Comedian, Onyenze, Denies Sponsoring Cultism in Awka (Video)


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

An Anambra-born comedian, popularly known as Comedian Onyenze, has denied denied sponsoring or having hands in anything about cultism and cult-related activities in Awka the state capital, or any part of the state.

The upcoming comedian, announced this, in reaction to the allegations by a Facebook user, Dietrich Klaus and other faceless individuals, who recently accused him of sponsoring secret cult related activities in the capital city.

Speaking in an interview with the media, the Awka-born comedian wondered how someone can ever link him up to cultism, insisting that he has no dealings with nor has any connection with any secret cult.

The Awka-based comedian, who also operates the page “Awka 33 Villages State Capital” said he had received countless number of calls from concerned individuals who saw some social media comments from faceless individuals linking him to cultism and sponsorship of cult-related activities in Awka, and even buying bullets and guns for the Vikings cult group in Awka.

The comedian said that he had not even become rich as much as to feed himself and his family, let alone having the money or the whims and caprices to sponsor cultism or buy guns and bullets for cultists.

“I am not a cultist, and I am not even planning to become one tomorrow, let alone sponsoring any cult group or cult-related activity,” he said.

The comedian, while clearing himself, also challenged those faceless persons accusing him of sponsoring cultism to come out boldly make their faces public, rather than using fake social media account and white man’s picture as their profile picture, thereby making themselves faceless.

“I am innocent and don’t belong to any cult or have anything to do with cultism or any cult at all. Those accusing me of sponsoring secret cult should make their faces public. They should stop using fake accounts to make such heinous criminal allegation against me. The world should hear this, I don’t belong to any secret cult or sponsore one,” the comedian said.

Watch the video below:

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