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Man Raises Alarm of End Time, As ‘Members’ Allegedly Attend ‘Church Service’ with Only Panties and Bras (Video)


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

A Nigerian man and social media user, identified as Okwybishop Okoye, has raised an alarm over what he described as the nearness of end time, given what he said is going on in some churches now.

Okoye raised the alarm in a social media post where he also attached a video showing some ladies dressed in only panties and bras as they were singing and dancing with some persons in a setting that looks like church.

“This is a Church in Nigeria. God have mercy. Woman now comes to church stack naked. Where are we really heading to with such evil?” he wrote.

The post and the video have also sparked off reactions from other social media users, some of whom joined their voices to condemn the development, while some others criticized the poster for not doing proper investigation before posting.

Watch the video below:

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