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We Won’t Disappoint You — Ebenator PG-Elect Reassures Community Members, Leads Executives on ‘Thank You’ Visits, Seeks Support


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

In a profound display of appreciation and dedication to their newfound roles, the recently elected President General of Ebenator Community in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State, Mr. Henry Chigozie Anadi, alongside his fellow executives, embarked on an extensive Thank You visit and courtesy visits to the people.

Beyond mere expression of gratitude, the Thank You visit saw the Executives going to the various zones in the community — Ụmụonyeụkpa, Ụmụnnama, Uhuala, and Amakom.

This physical and comprehensive visits by the Executives of the Ebenator Development Union (E.D.U.) aimed not only to reassure the residents of the new administration’s commitment to fulfilling their campaign promises, but to also establish the foundation for a truly inclusive and responsive administration.

Alongside members of the Ambassadors Club, the E.D.U. Executives, during the tour also paid courtesy visit to some key stakeholders in the community who did not only play pivotal roles in the success of the election campaign, but have also shown great concern and commitment to the progress of the community. Notable among the courtesy visits by the Executives was the homage paid to the Traditional Ruler of Ebenator Community, H.R.H. Igwe Edwin Chinewubeze Ezejiburu, the Ezejiofor I of Ebenator.

Speaking at the palace of Igwe Ezejiburu, the PG expressed deep appreciation for the unwavering support received from the monarch, while also seeking his royal blessings and collaborative wisdom for the arduous task ahead. The monarch, in response, conveyed his delight at the executives’ visit and expressed his confidence in their ability to lead the community to greater heights. He emphasized the importance of unity and urged the new leadership to prioritize the well-being of the people, assuring them of his continued support and counsel.

Other prominent figures, including Chief Gilbert Ezenagu, Chief Sam Ebugheme, Chief David Ndoeche, Chief Chigozie Chukwumere, Dr. Harry Oranezi, Mr. Abunna Onyekachukwu, and Mr. Oge Ejionye, were also visited, with the executives and the Ambassadors acknowledging and honouring their contributions to the community’s well-being, as well as requesting more of their advice and financial-cum-morale support to enable the administration succeed beyond expectation. As many offered advice to the new leadership, some others also made some financial donations to enable the new government kick off work.

While many other personalities will still be visited, the new leadership also visited two major churches in the community, St. Andrew’s Anglican Church and St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, underscoring their commitment to ethical and spiritually guided governance.

Addressing the congregation, the PG, Mr. Anadi pledged to foster unity across all denominations without discrimination, even as he also dedicated the administration to a higher purpose, seeking divine guidance for the challenges that lay ahead.

Throughout the visits, he also consistently emphasized his commitment to an open-door policy, genuinely calling for residents to actively voice their opinions and concerns when necessary. While noting that transparency will be the cornerstone of his address, he further assured that the promises made during the campaign would be kept to the latter, adding that the administration would work tirelessly for the holistic betterment of Ebenator.

Among others, a significant highlight of the Thank You and courtesy visits tour was the active solicitation of feedback and collaboration, as the Executives PG-elect actively sought advice, suggestions, and information from the various individuals and groups visited, especially their wise counsel, whose invaluable insights provided a rich tapestry of perspectives, offering a nuanced understanding of the community’s needs and aspirations.

It was further gathered that these engagements were not unidirectional, but reciprocal dialogues, as the various individuals and groups visited also graciously shared their wisdom, offering helpful advice and suggestions to the new executives. They further assured the new leadership of their total support, pledging to stand united in the pursuit of making Ebenator a better and greater community.

Aside signaling a collective commitment to collaborate for the common good, by the emergence of the new administration and the steps taken so far by the executives; Ebenator community stands at the threshold of a new era marked by collaborative leadership, sincerity, inclusivity, and a shared vision for the progress and prosperity of Ebenator.

Some pictures from the visits:

At the Uhuala Hall
At Ụmụnnama meeting venue
At Chigozie Chukwumere’s (Tobi) mansion
At Chief Gilbert Ezenagu’s (Obataobie’s) mansion
H.R.H. Igwe Chinewubeze Ezejiburu advising the new executives
H.R.H. Igwe Chinewubeze Ezejiburu praying for the kola
H.R.H. Igwe Chinewubeze Ezejiburu and the executives in a group picture
At Chigozie Chukwumere’s mansion
At Ụmụnnama meeting venue
At Amakom meeting venue
At Uhuala Hall
The executives at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Ebenator, for dedication
The PG addressing the congregation at the St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Ebenator
Chief Sam Ebugheme (Ezeala Obiadada) addressing the executives and the Ambassadors at his mansion
At Ụmụonyeụkpa Village Hall
The Executives at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, Ebenator
The Executives at the St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, Ebenator
At Ụmụonyeụkpa Village Hall
The Executives at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, Ebenator
At Chief Ezenagu’s mansion
With Dr. Harry Oranezi (Ifèmba)
With Dr. Harry Oranezi (Ifèmba)
Dr. Harry Oranezi addressing the executives
At Oge Ejionye’s mansion
At Abunna Onyekachukwu’s (Omeọgọ) mansion
At Chief David Ndoeche’s (Amarachi) mansion
At Omeogo’s mansion
Dr. Harry Oranezi exchanging pleasantries with PG

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