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We Even Want You Dead — Anti-Tout Officials Tell Man with Pregnant Wife As They Brutalize Him in Anambra (Horrible Video)


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

A horrible video has surfaced on the social media, showing suspected anti-touting officials maltreating man to near death in Anambra State.

While it has not yet been ascertained whether the maltreaters were members of the Anambra State Special Anti-touting Squad (SASA) or another team, the video shows one of them dressed in mufti, carelessly hitting the victim with a short pestle.

He repeatedly hit him the pestle on his ankle and other bony parts of his body, including his chest, while his colleague videoed the victim as he was rolling on the ground, helplessly crying and begging them to allow him to explain — a repeated appeal they didn’t give any attention to.

There were also stains of fresh and congealed blood on different parts of the victim’s body as a result of the careless beating he has received from the squad, while they continued to hit him with the wooden pestle in the enclosed place where they took him to so as to hide him from the public view as they pounded him alive.

Even while the man tried to explain to them that his wife is pregnant and that he doesn’t want to die without seeing his child, the maltreaters sternly told him that they even wanted him dead, adding that they had not come there to joke with him.

The men were also overheard confuting him about alleged fee collection by his brother at the Niger Street, Onitsha, which they said were being remitted to him.

The horrible video has continued to attract the condemnation of the members of the public who wonder why a suspect should be treated in such an inhumane manner, instead of being handed over to the police for appropriate investigation and possible prosecution.

Watch the video below:

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  1. The useless man hitting him with that pistol need to be jailed, what hail of inhuman act is this🤷😏.

    Am sad with this video I swear.


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