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“Fear Woman“ — Family Writes on Burial Poster, As Man Dies After Eating Food Cooked by His “Adulterous Wife”


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

The family of Uwoezi in Irri, Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State has called for caution while dealing with some women, due to some unforseen implications that may result from such dealing.

The family made the call in the title of the burial poster of their son, brother, father and uncle, Mr. James Okuwe Uwoezi, who allegedly died as a result of his wife’s infidelity.

According to them, the 42-year-old James died a sudden, painful, and mysterious death on the 3rd day of March 2024, after eating food that was prepared and served to him by his “adulterous wife”.

The family also attached the picture of the said “adulterous wife” in the burial poster of the man, and boldly captioned it “The Adulterous Wife”.

Although the family did not provide complete explanation and details of how the incident happened, sources revealed that any man who eats food prepared and served to him by his wife who is infidel or adulterous, has eaten death, in accordance with the traditions of the community.

The deceased, whose burial ceremony is currently ongoing (today, March 12, 2024) at his compound located at Chapel of God’s Street, Okpara Community, Irri in Delta State, is said to be survived by his four children and “the adulterous wife”, among other members of the family.

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