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Stop Postponing Your Marriage, Marry Now Things Are Cheaper —Anglican Priest Advises Senior Bachelors


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

Senior bachelors who are afraid and shy of getting married have been advised to cast aside their apprehensions and tie the knot, without allowing the present economic climate in Nigeria deter them from settling down.

An Anglican priest, Venerable Clement Mgbemena gave the advice in his homily at the wedding ceremony of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ifechukwu and Rich-Hope Mmesoma Okafor, which held on Saturday at the Anglican Church of Redemption in Awka, Anambra State capital.

The priest, who shared a personal reflection on the evolving financial landscape, urged the senior bachelors to stop postponing their marriages year after year because of high cost of things. He recounted stumbling upon his own wedding expenses receipt from 1995, which totaled a mere N10,000. Expressing regret over how that amount of money can only buy two crates of malt now due to the escalating cost of living, he underscored the current state of economic affairs in the country, characterizing it as increasingly burdensome.

The clergyman’s advice resonated particularly with senior bachelors who, he noted, often shied away from marriage due to the perceived high cost of getting married and maintaining a household today. Encouraging them to reconsider their reservations, he dismissed the notion that the situation would ameliorate in the future.

In his counsel to the newlyweds, the priest stressed the significance of love as the cornerstone of their marriage. He ingeniously defined “LOVE” as an acronym representing “Leave Off Various Evils”, encapsulating the essence of mutual respect, kindness, and understanding.

The clergyman further enjoined the couple to steer clear of any actions contrary to the values of holiness and righteousness in their marriage. The message resonated with those in attendance, underscoring the importance of maintaining integrity and fidelity within the sacred bond of marriage.

As the ceremony concluded, the Anglican priest’s words left a profound impact, inspiring attendees to reflect on the essence of matrimony in the face of societal challenges. With a call to embrace love as a guiding principle and uphold moral standards, his message reverberated not only within the hearts of the newlyweds but also among the senior bachelors contemplating their future paths.

The newly-wedded, Mr. Samuel (who is also a Church Teacher in the Anglican Diocese of Awka), hails from Enugwu-Ukwu in Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State; while the wife, Mrs. Mmesoma hails from Obinofia Ndiagu in Ezeagu Local Government Area of Enugu State. However, both are members of the Anglican Church of Redemption, Awka.

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