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Michael’s Day of Delight (A Birthday Poem)


By Izunna Okafor

On this day, let’s gather near,
To celebrate Michael with a hearty cheer.
With a heart so warm and spirits aglow,
Happy Birthday, dear Michael, it’s time to let go!

As the candles glow and the cake is sliced,
May your wishes come true, every single one prized.
With each passing year, may your joy only grow,
In this beautiful journey, wherever you go.

Michael Chukwuemeka, a name so unique,
In your presence, joy and laughter peak.
May this special day be a joyful spree,
As you dance through life with grace and glee.

With each passing year, like a fine wine,
May your life’s journey continue to shine.
Happy Birthday, Michael, it’s your time to gleam,
In this beautiful dream, like a starbeam!

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