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Funny Video: Anambra Man Living in Philippines Spotted on the Street Teaching Filipino Children How to Speak Igbo


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

A funny but interesting video has surfaced online showing an Anambra-born Igbo man living in the Philippines teaching some Filipino children how to speak Igbo language.

The Nigerian who is also a musician, Mr. Daniel Okafor (popularly known as Dandy Best) hails from Ụmụdiala village in Ezinifite, Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State, but was spotted on the streets of the Southeast Asian country, Philippines, in the recent video with the Filipino children who also expressed eagerness to learn the Igbo language.

The viral video also shows him holding an Igbo primer (a calendarlike alphabet book) containing Igbo alphabets, words and sentences, with which he taught them how to pronounce and read Igbo words.

“When we travel to some other countries, they would always force us to learn their languages; and if you don’t learn it, men, nothing for you; hunger!

“So, today, I want to teach Filipinos how to speak my language — the Igbo language. They must speak Igbo. Ndị ọcha ga-asụrịrị Igbo. Filipinos must speak Igbo,” he said, while also showcasing the Igbo alphabet book, to prove his preparedness for the mission.

Mr. Okafor also displayed one hundred Philippine peso (₱100), which he pledged to give as reward to any child who gets any pronunciation or sentence correctly.

The teaching and learning session was, however, a funny one, as the Filipino children attempt to pronounce some Igbo words and make sentences with them, such as “Aka”, “E ji aka eri ihe”, “Ada na-agba ọsọ”, “Dinta jì egbe achụ anụ”, etc, among others.

Watch the video below:

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