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For Ify on Mama Ify

By Izunna Okafor

Dear, Ify, I with a heavy heart,
Join to mourn Ma Caroline’s tender depart.
Her love, a warm sun, now dimmed from our sight,
Leaving a void, a profound, aching night.

Tears may cascade, a sorrowful stream,
Grief’s heavy cloak, a suffocating dream.
But hold onto laughter, the moments you both shared,
A love everlasting, beautifully bared.

Like sunrise, memories gently will bloom,
A warmth in your heart, dispelling the gloom.
Her strength, a compass, forever your guide,
A mother’s love, forever by your side.

May time be your solace and a balm for your pain,
As healing unfolds like a gentle spring rain.
We, as friends and poets are ever near,
To comfort your spirit, which to us is so dear.

For Mama Caroline, may peaceful rest be found,
Her love a sweet echo on heavenly ground.
May gentle breezes whisper through the trees,
A lullaby of love for eternity’s enduring peace.

© Izunna Okafor, 2024

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