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Examining CP Adeoye’s Three Months as Anambra Police Helmsman: A Journalistic Chronicle


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

On this significant day, we mark three months since the appointment of CP Aderemi Adeoye as the new Anambra State Commissioner of Police, stepping into his role as the State’s Police helmsman. Hailing from Modakeke in Ife-East Local Government Area of Osun State, CP Adeoye was born on August 19, 1966, and has a rich history of service in the Nigeria Police Force, where he held various esteemed positions and underwent extensive trainings both within the country and abroad. His recent posting to Anambra State has set the stage for a review of the State Police Command’s activities and achievements during his three-month tenure so far.

In this article, this reporter, Izunna Okafor, reviews the various activities and achievements so far recorded by the Anambra State Police Command under CP Adeoye, as well as the general security situation in the State in his last three months as Anambra CP, with a view to give commendations and criticisms where necessary, while also highlighting ways to improve the security of lives and property in Anambra State.

Join us as we delve into the captivating narrative of transformation, commending noteworthy successes, addressing pressing issues, and painting a vivid picture of a more secure and harmonious Anambra State.


Recognizing the paramount importance of collaboration among security agencies and stakeholders in combating crime, CP Adeoye prioritized engaging with various organizations and security bodies in the State upon assuming office. He actively sought greater cooperation, paying courtesy visits to the Heads of various sister agencies in the State, religious leaders, the Attorney General of the State, traditional rulers/community leaders, government officials, among others. These efforts were driven by the understanding that collective endeavors are instrumental in maintaining law and order.


In return, CP Adeoye also received, on courtesy visits, the leadership of the Anambra State House of Assembly, the Police Officers Wives Association (POWA) Anambra State Chapter, and various other groups and delegations. This fostering of interagency partnerships have contributed significantly to the successes recorded by the Command during his three months stay tenure, as detailed below:


Within the past three month, the Anambra State Police Command, under CP Adeoye’s leadership, has made noteworthy progress in arresting criminal elements across different parts of the State, with over 90 suspects arrested for various crimes in the last three month. This includes the apprehension of 25 male suspects and 3 female suspects at a criminal hideout in Ogbeukwu, Ogbaru L.G.A. on July 9, the actual day he assumed office as Anambra CP.

In another operation, an 18-year-old boy and two others were arrested at Neni for their involvement in vehicle snatching at gunpoint in Awka.

CP Adeoye’s dedication to curbing sexual assault crimes resulted in the arrest of a 41-year-old security guard accused of repeatedly raping a 13-year-old girl in Ekwulobia; in addition to ten other rapists arrested in various parts of the State, including Ogbaru, Anam, Abagana, and other regions, all within the first week of his tenure.

The police command achieved another major breakthrough by defeating and capturing two of three armed hoodlums, Amaechi Precious and Almazer Avalumo, in a gun duel around the Littlewood Estate, Obosi, Idemili South L.G.A. The two pistols they carried were also recovered.

The commitment to combating kidnapping was evident in the arrest of a suspected kidnapper and car snatcher, Chukwuebuka Esulo, at Agulu, who was caught in the act of trying to resell a vehicle (Mercedes Benz GLK SUV reg. No. BLF 746 EA) that he and his accomplice, Ejeka Ufuo, had snatched from a victim they earlier kidnapped at Aguleri. The gang had extorted ₦4.5 million in ransom from the victim. During the operation, another gang member, Ejeka Ufuo, aged 23, was arrested based on information provided by Chukwuebuka Esulo.

The Command arrested a woman, Ukamaka Udeugbo, aged 50, after a viral video showed her maltreating her aged mother in Abagana, Njikoka L.G.A.

Additionally, the police successfully apprehended three members of a highway robbery gang notorious for stopping trailers carrying cement and plundering them. The gang members were arrested at their hideout in Nnokwa, Idemili South L.G.A. Shortly after that, officers of the Command arrested a gunman and rapist, Akuchieani Echezona, at a popular hotel in the State. Also, the police swung into action over an unfortunate death of a lady at Cosmila Hotel in Awka on Monday, July 17, which led to the arrest of 3 suspects.

A notorious gangster, Chukwujekwu Okika, who had been tormenting the public in Okpoko, Obosi, Atani, Oba, and surrounding areas for several months was also arrested, which further led to the apprehension of another gang member, Okorie Ikwuanusi while he was attempting to evacuate their guns from Jekwu’s house.

Acting on a tip-off, the police, on August 30, also arrested four burglary gang members in Obosi, who specialize in breaking into people’s shop to steal, and from whom assorted items were recovered. That same day, officers of the Command also arrested two kidnappers around the Borromeo Roundabout, Onitsha, just few minutes after they kidnapped someone in their area.

The police also clamped down on a two-man criminal gang operating on the Second Niger Bridge, where they used dangerous weapons to dispossess people of their belongings. They were said to have been terrorizing passers-by near the Obosi end of the Bridge.

Also arrested was a couple, Wosu Michael and Blessing Michael, in Adazi-Ani, Anaocha L.G.A. for starving and maltreating their five-year-old child after pastor told them she was a ‘little witch’.

The operatives, on September 9, arrested a suspected kidnapper, Nwasu Ikenna when they invaded their hideout in Umuota village, Obosi, to rescue a victim they held hostage. Although, Ikenna eventually gave up the ghost while being conveyed to the hospital for the treatment of the bullet wounds he sustained during an exchange of fire between the police and his gang members, who all escaped with bullet wounds.

Another victory was recorded when the police, acting on a tip-off, busted another hideout of kidnappers at Nnewi Ichi, where they gallantly defeated the kidnappers and arrested one of the gang members was captured alive; among many other notable arrests so far done by the Command.

Throughout these arrests, thorough investigations were conducted, ensuring that the cases were expedited, and suspects charged to court.


In the wake of these arrests, the Anambra State Police Command, led by CP Adeoye, has made significant recoveries from the suspects. Within the three-month period, the Command successfully retrieved over 36 arms, over 25 stolen vehicles, and over 1000 bags of cement, among other valuable items, from different individuals who were apprehended.

Some of the notable recoveries include:

– A locally-made wooden pistol, two empty cartridges, four suspected stolen vehicles, substances believed to be hard drugs, and ₦11,000 cash, recovered from a criminal hideout in Ogbeukwu, Ogbaru Local Government Area.

– One AK47 rifle, two pump-action guns, two AK47 magazines, and thirty-two live ammunition, recovered from kidnappers at Ichida, Anaocha Local Government Area on July 11. Additionally, the victim’s Highlander jeep was also retrieved from the gang.

– A white Lexus 350 without a license plate, two automatic pump-action guns, eleven live cartridges, a bag containing a walkie-talkie, a cell phone, and other incriminating items found abandoned along the Uga-Ezinifite Expressway. These items were left behind by gunmen who engaged in a gun duel with the police on the same day, July 11.

– A tricycle, pistols, and live cartridges recovered from a three-man robbery gang arrested at Neni, Anaocha Local Government Area on July 15.

– One trailer-load of cement, comprising no fewer than one thousand bags, which was hijacked at gunpoint in Obiliokite, Delta State, by criminal elements. The gang diverted it to Anambra State but later abandoned it in a nearby bush in Okija and fled when they spotted policemen approaching along the Onitsha-Owerri Road.

– Two Beretta pistols and two rounds of ammunition recovered from Amaechi Precious (aged 25) and Almazer Avalumo, who were intercepted and arrested around the Littlewood Estate, Obosi.

– A black Mercedes Benz GLK SUV with registration number BLF 746 EA, recovered on July 18th, from Chukwuebuka Esulo, a member of a kidnap syndicate. He was sent from their hideout to sell the vehicle after they had extorted ₦4.5 million ransom from the owner, whom they had kidnapped in Agulu in June.

– Two vandalized trucks recovered from three suspected highway robbery gang members arrested at Nnokwa.

– Three pistols, eight rounds of live ammunition, and handsets recovered from a gunman and rapist arrested at an Anambra hotel.

– One pump-action semi-automatic gun, two locally-made pistols, and five stolen tricycles (with registration numbers NSH 156 VU, NNE 622 UW, NSH 203 VU, UKP 349 UV, and UML 359 WV) among other incriminating items recovered from the criminal hideout of Chukwujekwu Okika and his accomplices. They were arrested for terrorizing Okpoko, Obosi, Atani, Oba, and surrounding areas.

– Two pump-action guns, a machete, and a wine-colored Mercedes GLK 350 4matic (with registration no.: Enugu ENU 484 JV) recovered on August 3rd by a detachment of the police-led Forward Operating Base at Aguata while patrolling along Uga—Ezinifite Expressway.

– Two motorcycles, two big generators, one wheelbarrow, one deep freezer, three bags of rice, groundnut oil, food spices, and two large iron cutters, recovered from a four-man burglary gang members, who were bust in Ogidi on August 30th.

– Shuttle Bus, two pistols, and nine rounds of 9MM live ammunition recovered from two suspected kidnappers arrested around the Borromeo Roundabout, Onitsha, on same August 30th.

– One double-barrelled pistol, two live and one expended cartridge recovered at a kidnappers’ hideout, in Umuota village, Obosi.

– One Pump Action gun and two locally-made hand grenades recovered at another kidnappers’ hideout at Nnewi Ichi.

– Nine vehicles snatched at gunpoint, three Pump Action guns, handsets, flash drives, and sim cards, recovered at the camp of insurgents at Ogbunka, Orumba North Local Government Area, on October 6.

These recoveries, among many others, are a testament to the Anambra State Police Command’s efforts under CP Adeoye’s leadership in securing the state and bringing perpetrators of crimes to justice.


In addition to the commendable efforts in arresting criminal elements and recovering arms, ammunition, and stolen/incriminating items, the Anambra State Police Command, under CP Adeoye’s leadership, has undertaken successful rescue operations, saving lives and ensuring the safety of citizens in various parts of the State over the last three months.

Notable rescue operations include:

– A dramatic rescue of a kidnap victim at about 9:13 pm on July 11th at Ichida Bus Stop, along Ichida-Igboukwu Expressway. The timely intervention of the police prevented further harm to the individual, bringing hope to families affected by such crimes.

– A heartwarming rescue of an aged woman who had been subjected to maltreatment and dehumanization by her own daughter in Abagana, Njikoka Local Government Area.


– Joint rescue of 20 children, including new born babies found at an illegal orphanage and baby factory at Nkwelle Ezunaka ,Oyi L.G.A.

– Rescue of a kidnap victim held hostage by the two suspected kidnappers arrested around the Borromeo Roundabout.

– The brave rescue of three abductees who were found chained to pillars by insurgents at Umuohi village, Okija, Ihiala Local Government Area, on July 14th.

– Rescue of another kidnap victim who was locked up inside an uncompleted building in Umuota Obosi, on September 9th.

– Rescue of a kidnap victim at kidnappers’ hideout at Nnewi Ichi, on September 13th, and conveying of the victim to the hospital for treatment.

– Rescue of a Reverend Father and two other kidnap victims held hostage ar insurgents’camp in Ogbunka, Orumba North Local Government Area, on October 6; among many other rescues.

It is also crucial to note that, in line with CP Adeoye’s statement during his maiden press conference, the Command has been resolute in neutralizing recalcitrant criminal elements. The CP, during the maiden press conference said: “…we have no delight if anyone loses their life but if that is what it takes to protect the people of Anambra State, we will stop at no obstacle to achieve this mandate given to us by the Inspector-General of Police”.

These successful rescue operations demonstrate the Anambra State Police Command’s unwavering dedication to preserving lives and securing the well-being of the State’s residents under the leadership of CP Aderemi Adeoye.


During his three months in office so far, CP Adeoye undertook various remarkable initiatives, boosting the morale of the officers and enhancing the efficiency of the Anambra State Police Command. Some other remarkable things he has done so far include:

1. Resuscitation of Commissioner of Police Commendation Awards: Upon assuming office, CP Adeoye announced the resuscitation of the Commissioner of Police Commendation Awards. This initiative is aimed to recognize and motivate officers for their dedication, professionalism, and improved service skills, emphasizing the paramount importance of their welfare to the Force’s leadership.

2. Visits to Police Formations: CP Adeoye has visited several police formations in different parts of the State to familiarize himself with their operations, assess their challenges, and enhance their capacity in security delivery. Some of the police formations he visited include State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Amawbia; Police Mobile Force Base 29, Amansea; Area Command Headquarters, CPS Nnewi; Otolo Divisional Headquarters, ‘B’ Divisional Police Headquarters, Awka; and other security checkpoints in the State. During these visits, he personally commended, motivated and encouraged the officers to perform more exceptionally in their duties.

3. Support for Injured Officers: The Commissioner visited two police operatives who sustained injuries on 31st July during a Joint Security Force operation against insurgents at Orsumoghu. He made cash donations to the officers, prayed for their quick recovery, and assured them that the Command would stand by them.

4. Active Patrols: On 28th July, CP Adeoye led a formidable patrol of the Police Mobile Force and Police Counter-Terrorist Unit across various towns in the State. The patrol covered Enugwu-Ukwu, Abagana, Eziowelle, Ojoto, Oba, Ichi, Nnewi, Ichida, Igbo Ukwu, Ekwulobia, Nanka, Agulu, and Nise before terminating in Awka, the State Capital. This proactive approach aims to maintain peace and security, protecting vital infrastructure from vandals and criminal activities.

5. Advocacy for Professionalism and Human Rights: CP Adeoye emphasized professionalism among the officers, promoting a respectful and courteous approach to civilians. He has demonstrated zero tolerance for misconduct and human rights abuse. This advocacy for professionalism was also reiterated during his recent decoration of 288 newly promoted officers of the Command by the CP.

6. Improved non-compliance to Sit-at-Home: Through regular sensitization and police presence, CP Adeoye contributed to improved non-compliance with sit-at-home orders in Anambra. As a result, people now go about their businesses without fear of attack, harassment, or intimidation.

7. Call for Reclamation of Stolen Property: The CP has, within the last three months, made calls on victims of kidnap or robbery incidents to come to the Command Headquarters to reclaim their property (especially vehicles) if found to be among the ones recovered by the Command in different parts of the State.

8. Rewarding of diligent and faithful policewoman with cash sum of N250,000 for rejecting a mouthwatering bribe offered to her when she intercepted bundles of stolen armoured cables.

9. Securing the Conviction of Criminal Elements: The Command, under CP Adeoye, secured the conviction of the two robbers arrested on the second Niger Bridge, who were jailed 13 years each on September 10th. The Command has also secured the conviction of thirty other suspects arrested for different crimes, especially cultism within the last three months.

10. Visit to Family of Officer Killed in Motor Accident: CP Adeoye visited and condoled with the family of ASP Anthony Ogbodo, an officer of the Command who died in a motor accident on September 16th.

11. Regular debunking of Security-related Misinformation to Allay Fears: Under the three months of CP Adeoye’s leadership, the Command has debunked a number of misinformation and fake news capable of causing unrest in the State, thereby putting the record straight and getting the public rightly informed.

Despite a few security breaches, such as suspected cult-related killings and kidnappings, the successes achieved by the Command under CP Adeoye’s leadership greatly outweigh the challenges faced. The Commissioner’s proactive measures and commitment to the safety and well-being of the State’s residents have contributed to a more secure environment. He continues to stress the importance of contacting the police control room in case of suspicious situations or movements, further bolstering community involvement in crime prevention efforts.


In the span of just three month, CP Aderemi Adeoye’s leadership as the Anambra State Commissioner of Police has left a lasting impact on the State’s security landscape. Under his watch, the Anambra State Police Command has achieved commendable milestones through inter-agency collaborations, successful arrests, significant recoveries, and life-saving rescue operations. These accomplishments highlight the dedication, professionalism, and determination of the police force in safeguarding the lives and property of the people of Anambra State.

CP Adeoye’s strategic approach and decisive actions have proved effective in curbing crime and ensuring a safer environment for residents. However, it is essential to recognize that the police cannot be everywhere at the same time. Hence, the support and cooperation of the public remain crucial in their continued efforts to uphold security.

Members of the public are urged to continue supporting the police force, offering information and raising alarm when necessary.

Timely communication with the emergency/police control room numbers 112 or 07039194332 is a critical element in their ability to respond promptly to suspicious situations or movements in any part of the State. Working hand in hand, the police and the public can build a stronger, safer, and more secure Anambra State as envisioned by the State Governor, Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo.

As CP Adeoye’s tenure progresses, it is hoped that this synergy between the police and the public will be further strengthened, leading to even greater strides in maintaining law and order, combating crime, and ensuring the prosperity and well-being of all the residents in the vibrant State of Anambra.


Izunna Okafor is an Anambra-based journalist and author, with over 35 awards in journalism and creative writing.

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