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Conviviality, As ACORA Steward Holds Love Feast Ahead of 2023 Steward Sunday


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

It was a moment of heartwarming display of devotion and camaraderie, as members of Steward, Anglican Church of Redemption, Awka (ACORA), Anambra State, gathered for a special love feast to herald the eagerly awaited year 2023.

Steward, a group of dedicated souls, takes it upon themselves to meticulously maintain the sacred space of their church, going beyond sweeping and cleaning to ensure every corner gleams with reverence. With unwavering commitment, they come together every Saturday morning to prepare the sanctuary for service and provide invaluable assistance for seamless worship experiences.

As the countdown to their 2023 Special Thanksgiving and Rededication Service on Sunday, October 8, began, this diverse group of individuals – encompassing youth, professors, students, lecturers, and members from various walks of life – took a well-deserved break from their usual Saturday routine. They indulged in a delectable feast, complete with sumptuous dishes and an exchange of heartfelt gifts.

Addressing the gathering, the Steward Coordinator, Mr. Sunday Edeh, expressed his profound gratitude to the group for their unwavering commitment to preserving the sanctity of their spiritual home. He commended their tireless efforts in keeping the house of God immaculate and applauded their selfless service to the Lord’s vineyard.

Mr. Edeh also took a moment to acknowledge the spirited participation of members in a volleyball game organized the previous day as part of the prelude to the grand 2023 Steward Sunday festivities. He urged them to maintain their unwavering dedication, assuring them of divine rewards from the Almighty. With optimism in his voice, he envisioned a 2023 Steward Sunday that would surpass all previous celebrations.

The morning culminated with a heartfelt closing prayer and Steward Anthem, leaving members with a sense of unity and fulfillment after enjoying a tantalizing spread, including a well-garnished jollof rice and other delectable delights.

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