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In Anambra, Stakeholder Urges Govt’s Intervention, Calls for PG’s Sack, As Crisis Rocks Nnobi Community


By Joseph Ude

A prominent stakeholder in Nnobi community in Idemili South Local Government if Anambra State, Chief Omee Emeka Okigbo, has called on Anambra State Government to urgently intervene in the festering crisis in the community, to usher-in peace and unity in the town.

Speaking to newsmen on Wednesday, Chief Okigbo, who is also known as Ezekweche in Nnobi, accused the President-General of the community, Barr. Dom Okpala of being bias against a section of the community, especially one of the three quarters in Nnobi (Awuda community), the Traditional r
Ruler of Nnobi, and the Traditional institution.

He said because the PG has failed to rise above sentiment and pettiness, he could not foster unity and oneness in the community and therefore resorted to “divide and rule tactics”.

The PG, Barr. Dom Okpala

He further added that it was actually the “divide and rule” leadership style of the Nnobi P.G. that led to the walk-out of Awuda people during the Central Executive Committee Meeting of NWO held on June 1, 2024 at the Nnobi Town hall.

According to Chief Okigbo, while at the meeting, the P.G, brought-in and positioned some youths basically from Ebenesi and NGO and other hired youths who are not statutory delegates and are not suppose to be in the meeting or even contribute in the meeting, only to remain as observers. He however, said that, on the contrary, the P.G. stoop so low to position these youths and instruct them to act by shouting down and molesting anybody who had contrary opinion to his own.

He further accused the P.G. of having a different agenda instead of providing peace in Nnobi community, adding that the Awuda people had to stage a walk-out so that they would not give Okpala’s illegality stamp of authority and due process, which he failed to follow.

“Instead of being there to give credibility to his illegality, receive insults from the hired youths because he refused to give people opportunity to air their views, we walked-out,” said Chief Okigbo.

Speaking further, he said they have sent a petition to the Commissioner for Local Government, Chieftaincy and Community Affairs where Awuda community explicitly stated their position, alleging that most of the decisions of the PG, not only in the last meeting, but even subsequent ones, are causing big problems.

He said, “The PG’s decisions cannot bring peace and unity to Nnobi. For Nnobi to be in good condition and have peace, the P.G. needs to go, because he is already bias and his tenure has elapsed, base on the provisions of the Nnobi Town Constitution.

“It is high time the State Government did something and brought peace and midwife an election that will usher-in an unbiased President General of the Town Union and other executives.”

Chief Okigbo also denied the spurious allegation made by the P.G that Awuda people would always want to dominate the positions in the community, saying that there was nothing that can be farther from truth than the outbursts.

The stakeholder said that in the Lagos Branch of the Nnobi Town Union, Awuda community sacrificed their tenure for peace to reign, even when it was their turn to produce the Chairman of the Branch.

According to him, in the area of Security, the other two quarters of Nnobi (Ebenesi and Ngo) were in total control; but in order to ensure peace and tranquility, Awuda community sacrificed their positions and did not complain.

He also added that Ebenesi has produced the leadership of the town union for almost six years now because the interim leadership that stayed for one and half years was headed by Mr. Ifeanyi Ezeani from Ebenesi. He also explained that even the elected PG, in the name of Chief Felix Onwuka, who was removed by the Anambra state Government on the instrumentality of the Abalukwu Elite Forum (AEF) led by Col. Emma Ikechukeu Etuka, was from Ebenesi, and stayed for only six months in office; while the current P.G. of the town that has four-year tenure also hails from Ebenesi .

“So, Ebenesi has stayed for six years, and they are accusing Awuda of always imposing themselves on Nnobi; and the assertion is not correct,” he noted.

Chief Okigbo also revealed that the major problem Nnobi is having now is the gross disrespect and insult hurled on the person of the traditional ruler and the traditional institution of the community, lamenting that these individuals don’t have one single respect for the traditional stool of Nnobi.

He said one of them even openly called the traditional ruler of the town “a fraudulent man”, describing such language on a traditional ruler as very unfortunate and impudent.

Source: 247ureports

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