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Streetlight: Soludo’s Commissioner Condemns Media Report Aimed at Inciting Govt against Senator Nwoye


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

The Anambra State Government has warned against false and misleading publications capable of inciting misunderstanding or joining the government in issues with political figures in the State.

The State Commissioner for Power and Water Resources, Engr. Julius Chukwuemeka, gave the warning while reacting to a publication alleging that the Senator representing Anambra North Senatorial District, Senator Tony Nwoye, is on the move to light up Aguleri community in Anambra East Local Government Area, a community already adorned with thousands of solar-powered street lights by the State Government.

Recall that the media space was recently awashed with a report credited to a rookie blog known as the Ogene Media Team (OMT) Channel, alleging that Senator Tony Nwoye has donated four solar streetlights, as the first batch of the streetlights with which he will light up Aguleri community — a publication that raised speculations that Senator Nwoye might be attempting to claim both the competed and ongoing streetlights installation by the State Government in the community; or even trying to discredit the State Government’s successes and efforts in lighting up the community.

The poorly structured publication also alleged that the four streetlights reportedly donated by Senator Nwoye’s were the dividends of democracy brought home and a fulfilment of the senator’s campaign promise to the people, which made many people wonder how a senator would be installing just four streetlights in a community as a Constituency project.

It was in view of the speculations and curiosity resulting from the publication that this reporter, Izunna Okafor, engaged Commissioner Chukwuemeka and the Senator Nwoye in interviews to ascertain the true situation and facts about the report and the impression behind the publication.

When contacted, Senator Nwoye categorically denied ever donating streetlights to the Aguleri community. He clarified that the four streetlights he recently offered were not a donation to the community but rather a personal gift to a friend from Aguleri who had requested his assistance put just two streetlight in a specific area that lacked adequate illumination at night.

The Senator, however, expressed his surprise at the negative media attention surrounding his kind gesture. While noting that he willingly gave out the streetlights as an individual, and not necessarily as a senator or government official; Senator Nwoye said he found it unfortunate that the situation had escalated into a scandalous narrative discrediting his intentions.

He also pointed out that he had a good track record of contributing to community development, even when he was not holding any government position. He recalled donating about 100 streetlights to different communities in Anambra State between the time he left the House of Representatives and the time he become a Senator. He questioned the logic behind the media accusations, and media attacks being peddled against him because of his recent gesture.

Regarding the allegation that he promised to light up Aguleri, Senator Nwoye dismissed the notion as baseless. He stated that it was absurd to think that a mere four streetlights could illuminate an entire community; even as he also wondered what could be the actual intention of the people sponsoring or masterminding such erroneous accusations and tissues of lies against him.

In his own reaction, however, the State’s Commissioner for Power and Water Resources, Engr. Chukwuemeka expressed concern over the increasing rate of misleading, inciting, and false publications in the media space today, cautioning the people to be mindful of what they spread and digest in the media.

He attested that the speculations that emerged from the alleged move by Senator Nwoye to light up Aguleri which has already been lighted up by the state government might be misinterpreted as an attempt to claim the glory of the state government or to discredit the government’s efforts.

While highlighting the potential harm such baseless publications could cause to the relationship between the state government and public figures, the Commissioner sternly warned those responsible for sponsoring or peddling unfounded and misleading information to cease their actions.

He further assured that the current administration in the State was committed to fostering cooperation between the government and the masses to make Anambra a liveable and prosperous homeland, as envisioned by the State Governor, Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo.

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