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Soludo’s Commissioner Emulates Him, Sacrifices Yuletide Holiday for Official Duty


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

In a remarkable display of commitment to public service, Hon. Tonycollins Nwabunwanne, Anambra State’s Commissioner for Local Government, Chieftaincy, and Community Affairs, has set a commendable example by forgoing the typical Yuletide festivities and conviviality to focus on the discharge of his duties for the progress of the State and its communities.

Unlike the usual holiday narrative, Nwabunwanne has been diligently attending offices, hosting crucial meetings, and actively overseeing the town union elections, showcasing a rare dedication that aligns with the ethos of his principal, the State Governor, Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo. Recall that, the Governor, just few days after buying his beloved father and going for outing service on the eve of Christmas, resumed work hours later within that same Christmas week, and within which he also signed the State’s 2024 budget into law, among other official duties he has so far carried out or attended to, all in the best interest and for the progress of Anambra State.

One could also safely argue that Nwabunwanne’s emulation of Soludo’s work ethic isn’t just a mimicry of actions but a manifestation of a collective commitment to transformative governance. It also underscores the impact of having dedicated and youthful appointees in key government positions, setting a precedent for effective leadership that prioritizes delivery and public welfare. This shared commitment to governance signifies a cohesive approach within the administration, emphasizing a collective dedication to the progress of Anambra State.

While many public office holders across the nation enjoy and embrace the holiday spirit, the decision of Commissioner Nwabunwanne, who travelled to his Anam community on December 25 to celebrate Christmas with his people, to return to work on December 27 demonstrates a profound commitment to public duty. This selfless act is not only a testament to his strong work ethic, but also a reflection of the leadership values instilled by Governor Soludo. The Commissioner’s proactive approach during this critical period, marked by town union elections, reflects a genuine concern for the well-being of the communities in Anambra.

Amidst the festivity, Nwabunwanne’s efforts extend beyond the confines of his office, with personal visits to some communities to address some concerns. This hands-on approach not only underscores his determination to address issues at the grassroots level but also signifies a departure from the traditional bureaucratic methods usually identifiable with many public office holders. By physically engaging with communities where necessary, the Commissioner reinforces the importance of direct communication and understanding the needs of the people he serves.

Unarguably, the ongoing town union elections, spanning over forty communities in Anambra State during the festive season present a unique challenge to the Commissioner, who must ensure that each is organized in a most successful way. Having this in mind therefore, Commissioner Nwabunwanne, through his unwavering commitment ensures that all pre and post-election matters are diligently addressed, showcasing a sense of responsibility that transcends personal convenience. This proactive stance not only enhances the efficiency of the electoral process but also exemplifies a dedication to the democratic values of the state.

In a political landscape often marred by cynicism, Commissioner Nwabunwanne’s sacrifice of personal holiday enjoyment for the greater good of Anambra State is both commendable and inspiring. It reflects a new era of governance characterized by a genuine concern for the people and a dedication to fostering progress. As the Commissioner’s actions echo the footsteps of his principal, the future of Anambra State seems promising under a leadership that values hard work, dedication, and a sincere commitment to public service.

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