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Soludo’s Appointee Crowned the New Face of Nanka After Successful Re-run Election


In the wake of the recent rerun elections in Anambra State, a transformative shift has occurred in the dynamics of communities involved, giving rise to a spectrum of emotions within established political spheres and unrestrained jubilation among the residents.

One of such communities located in the Orumba North Local Government Area — Nanka — where re-run election for the Orumba North and South House of Representatives seat held. Specifically, this election held in sixteen polling units in Nanka ward I (inside the villages of Agbiligba, Umudala, Ifite and Etti). The contest was between the Peoples Democratic Party’s [PDP] candidate – Hon. Okwudili Ezenwankwo, the All Progressive Grand Alliance’s [APGA] candidate – Hon. Eric Eze; and the Young Progressives Party’s [YPP] candidate – Hon. Chinwe Nnabuife. However, at the ripe of time, the Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] declared the YPP candidate, Hon. Nnabuife the winner of the fiercely-contested election, as she retains her seat as the member representing the Constituency.

Prior to the election, the people of Nanka community had expressed fears of potential electoral violence breaking out during the voting process. The community expressed fears of thuggery and brigandage on the day of voting. Intelligence reports had indicated that some of the political parties were planning on importing thugs and street urchins into Nanka to help compromise the planned free and fair elections.

However, through the inventions of the State Government of Anambra State under the leadership of Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo who ensured adequate security was provided on the day of election, the voting process was violence-free; hence the entire exercise was hailed by members of Nanka community as being free and fair.

Nanka community particularly expressed appreciation to Arch. Okey Ezeobi – a top cabinet member of the Soludo administration who also hails from Nanka – for his role in ensuring that the Soludo Administration’ promise for a hitch-free rerun election was fulfilled to the latter.

Speaking to a group of Nanka residents shortly after the voting exercise was a prominent member of the community, Barr. Asina Ikenna Okafor who congratulated Arch. Ezeobi and also hailed him for his efforts thus far in the Soludo Administration to bring infrastructural development and youth empowerment, especially through education, training and employment.

In his words, “Ezeobi is the hero of this election. Hon. Ezeobi is the New Face of Nanka. He is truly a son of Nanka. Okey has proved and showcased that educational capacity that made Nanka indigenes to be rated as some the most educated in Anambra. I am still thinking where to place Okey Ezeobi in the committee of nations, states, communities and traditions in Anambra scheme of things. I think he is from above to do this noble work.”

“Arch. Ezeobi had stood his grounds to hold on to his principals instructions – to ensure free and fair voting process by providing adequate security cover against thuggery and other forms of intimidations. This is against threats from powerful corners and offers of mouth-watering cash as bribe to allow the assembled security wall in Nanka to be penetrated and the voting process compromised in favour of a certain candidate. Arch. Ezeobi stood firm.

“There was a conspiracy against Okey Ezeobi, the shakers of Nanka were really out to cut him to size. More than five million Naira was brought into the field to sure he failed. But the conspirators failed. We are proud of Okey. We just wish he doesn’t relent in his developmental agenda for Nanka,” contributed Barr. Chukwuemerie Ofojebe, another indigene of the community, who participated in the February 3 electoral exercise.

Adding to the sentiment emerging from the electoral experience was a former President of Nanka Students’ Union, Ogbuefi Chukwuebuka.

He states “The truth is that Arch. Okey Ezeobi is championing a new order in Nanka, but the old order is fighting back. A new order is about infrastructure and human capital development while the old order is about stomach infrastructure. I pray he doesn’t abort the zeal to continue the crusade, its not always easy to install a new order.”

On his own part, popular and prominent US-based indigene of the Nanka community, popularly referred to as Agbalua Ngene said: “In this little time, being supported by the Governor, look at the level of development Arch. Ezeobi has brought to Nanka; look at the job opportunities he created; look at the promises in the pipeline; look at the position he is occupying in Anambra of today. He is truly a material. Congratulations once again to Nanka, congratulations to Arch. Okey Ezeobi, the achiever. On your mandate we shall stand on to 2025. Keep up the good work.”

He further added that “Unlike the supposed exiting old order referred to as the three tigers of development Okey is not a tiger. Okey is a symbol of positive progress. He does not advance in error as the tigers do. Maybe Arch. Ezeobi might be our horse on whose back we ride in progress and jubilation for a new Nanka of our dream.”

“I don’t think the word Tiger should be used to address Hon. Okey Ezeobi; reason being that the name ‘Tiger’ connotes dissatisfaction to Nanka people. It connotes: discouragement, manipulation, parallel government, imposition, division, emekọlịcha ekpebe, disunity, removers of Amakor gate, supporters of illegal Ishi Nze. So on and so forth.”

The praise and support showered upon Ezeobi by Nanka residents and diaspora members alike underscore the significance of his role in shaping the community’s destiny.

As the curtain falls on this electoral chapter, Nanka eagerly looks forward to a future marked by progress, unity, and a relentless pursuit of the community’s aspirations, with Architect Okey Ezeobi leading the way as one of the torchbearers of positive change.

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