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Sit-at-home: Problems of Ndị Igbo Are the Corpses they Abandoned in Mortuaries — Rojenny Boss


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

Ndị Igbo have been advised to evacuate and bury all the corpses in all the mortuaries in different parts of Igbo land, in order to be free from the various problems and challenges bedeviling the land.

The Managing Director, Rojenny Stadium and Tourist Center, Oba, Idemili South Local Government Area Area of Anambra State, Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka gave the advice on Friday in a statement obtained by this reporter, in which he also revealed that the ghosts of the unburied dead bodies that litter the various mortuaries in Igbo land are angry and on rampage against the land and the people.

According to him, unless and until Ndị Igbo evacuate all those corpses in the mortuaries and bury them, the Igbo will never know peace.

He said, “The disaster rampaging the Igbo Land cannot stop…Unless Ndi Igbo evacuate all corpses in various mortuaries in Igbo land.

“If not, the zombies shall continue possessing idle youths to cause mayhem in Igbo Land.

“Ndi Igbo, know that it is ghosts of littered dead bodies in various mortuaries that are fighting against the oppressors. The guiding Angels of those souls are angry.”

Chief Ezeonwuka, popularly known as Ogirisi Igbo, also advised Ndị Igbo to learn to bury their relatives immediately after their, without depositing them in the mortuaries.

“What Igbos are doing out of ignorant is to remain infidels and unclean by mingling with dead bodies, which the Bible forbids. Bk Nmb. Chapter 19 vs 11-23. Bury your dead immediate after death. Stop depositing and trapping thier souls in mortuaries. Stop celebrating corpse, bury the body immediate and do ceremony later,” he said.

He further opined that it was the restless and angry souls of the unburied dead bodies in the mortuaries that posses the minds of the youths who enforce sit-at-home and use them to cause mayhems in Igbo land.

“Igbos are at war with ghosts and zombies and witches and dracula which are emanating from unburied corpses. Those enforcing sit at home are powered by wandering spirits of the trapped corpses agitating for liberation. Once they are buried, light shall come back to Igbo land. If not, the Igbo Land shall be deserted completely one day,” Chief Ezeonwuka said.

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