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Please Come and Clarify Your ‘Prophecy’, My Children Have Abandoned Me — Aged, Sick Woman Cries Out to Pastor Ebuka Obi (Video)


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

An aged sick woman has to cried out for intervention and clarification from Evangelist Ebuka Obi of the Zion Ministry, following what could be best described as an unprecedented abandonment by her children after a ‘prophecy’ the pastor.

The octogenarian made the appeal in a trending viral video where she was lamented and recounted her ordeal since after the said ‘prophecy’ by the popular Pastor.

Although, the actual name, age and town of the woman are yet to be confirmed as at the time of this publication, speculations abound that the widow hails from Anambra State and has seven children.

The viral video obtained by this reporter, Izunna Okafor, also shows the widow with a fresh and highly-irritating wound on one of her legs, from which maggots were said to be coming out periodically. The woman who sat on the bed throughout the video session, was also said to have been incapacitated by the sickness which has lasted for many years.

The widow lamenting in sickbed

The heart of the story is that she was said to have been abandoned by her children and family members who were previously taking care of her and sponsoring her medical treatments. The abandonment, according to her, came after a ‘prophecy’ by the aforementioned pastor and music minister, Evangelist Ebuka Obi.

Recounting her ordeal, the victim said that the entire drama began in 2021 when one of her daughter-in-laws fell sick and went to the Zion Ministry for miracles after some failed medical efforts.

According to her, the Pastor, while praying for and prophesying to the daughter-in-law, informed her that the sickness was invoked on her by an “insider”and member of the family whom he (Evangelist Obi) said he would not mention his or her name, to avoid tearing the family apart or causing disunity among them.

Ebuka Obi praying for and prophesying to the daughter-in-law and her husband

While noting that Evangelist Obi, during the ‘deliverance’, vowed to reverse the sickness back to the sender, the widow also recalled that similar ‘prophecy’ was repeated in October 2023, and added that her children had surprisingly hated and abandoned her since then, suspecting her to be the ‘insider’ the Evangelist talked about, even when the Pastor himself didn’t mention her name.

Ebuka Obi praying for the daughter-in-law and her husband

She recalled how she suffered to train her children and even send some of them abroad, and lamented that they have all abandoned her when it’s time for her to enjoy the fruit of her labour.

She also recalled that the children were helping her, both financially and in bankrolling her medicare until the ‘prophecy’ came, and they all abandoned her since then, including those living abroad, without even asking her how she feeds, let alone asking after her health.

While lamenting that five of her seven children no longer call or response her calls; she said she would have died long ago in the sickness and the depression that accompanies it, but for the Grace of God that preserves her life and keeps sustaining her. The octogenarian also stressed that she had been praying all day, appealing to God to vindicate and exonerate her from the suspicion.

The widow stressed that Evangelist Obi did not mention her name or that of anybody as the person responsible for invoking of the said disease on the daughter-in-law, and further emphasized that she was innocent and had never planned evil for anybody all her life.

According to her, she has also visited the Zion Ministry several times to see Evangelist Obi to beg him to clarify his ‘prophecy’ and mention the name of the person whom he said invoked the sickness on her daughter-in-law, even if it is her, so that the children would know whom exactly he was referring to. She said she wanted the Evangelist to mention the name of the person to the world without concealing it any further, even if she is the person. To further prove her innocence, she added that she would want the people to immediately stone her to death if the Evangelist mentions her name as the person responsible for the said charm or any kind of diabolism at all.

However, she said when she visited Zion, the people working for the Evangelist, including his twin brother (Chinweike Obi), didn’t give her any attention, let alone linking her to the Pastor as she requested. She said they all snobbed and ignored her after she individually confided in them whom were said to be the only access links to the Pastor, despite all the tears she was shedding there at the Zion by such late hour or the night. While noting that she remained there crying, till almost everybody that attended the Zion’s Open Heaven that day left the premises; she added that it was one man who saw her at last crying helplessly at a corner that went to her, and after hearing her ordeal, compassionately gave her transportation money with which she went back, as she even had no money with her.

The widow lamenting abandonment by her children

While emphasizing that she is not condemning or upholding Evangelist Obi’s ‘prophecy’ on the issue, the widow, in the viral video, further pleaded with members of the public who have the access to help link her to the Evangelist for him to clarify the said ‘prophecy’, for her children to know that she is innocent, to stop suspecting her to be a witch, and to re-unite with her again, so that the unity and love that once existed in the family will return.

Watch the video below:

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