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Man Kidnapped While Eating Indomie with Friend in Anambra


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

In a spine-chilling saga that reads like a crime thriller, a tale of friendship gone awry has emerged from the depths of a petition lodged with the Anambra State Police Headquarters. The saga revolves around the tragic destiny of Mr. Onyeka Nnakwue, whose decision to eat a jollof Indomie meal with a supposed friend led to a heart-wrenching sequence of events.

In the petition, filed by Hon. Barr. S.O Chukwukelu & Co., solicitors to the late Rev. Tim Nnakwuo of Achalla, Awka North Local Government Area of Anambra State obtained by our correspondent from sources familiarwith Police Headquarters Awka, a dark conspiracy is unraveled, painting a shocking picture of betrayal, kidnapping, and a chilling murder plot that echoes with intrigue.

According to the petition, the first scene of the drama featured on 29th day of June, 2023, when the victim, Mr. Nnakwue got a phone call from his friend, Mr. Ndubuisi Muorah (alias “Future King”), inviting him to come over to his office and enjoy a deliciously-prepared indomie with him; little did he know that the invitation would mark the beginning of a nightmarish odyssey for him.

It was gathered that, Mr. Nnakwue, who was on his way home to Achalla with electrical appliances for a local Church upgrade after receiving the call, diverted to the location, the Future King Petrol Station along Igbariam Road in Awkuzu, where the seemingly innocent jollof Indomie feast was to unfold.

However, as the evening sun dipped below the horizon, the savory meal turned out to become merely a façade for a far more sinister scheme, as some heavily-armed men stormed the venue shortly and started shooting sporadically, during which they also kidnapped Mr. Nnakwuo and vamoosed with him, alongside Mr. Ndubuisi Muorah.

The petition, which identifies the caller Mr. Ndubuisi Muorah, Future King as the 1st suspect, and Mr. Nonso Muorah, his brother who claimed to have paid N15 Million ransom in Bitcoin on behalf of first suspect as the 2nd suspect, partly read: “…being influenced by the 1st suspect’s call, the unsuspecting victim Mr. Onyeka Nnakwue suspended his original itinerary and diverted to the aforementioned Petrol station of the 1st suspect Mr. Ndubuisi Muorah (a.k.a Future King) for enjoyment of the noodle delicacy with his supposed friend Future King only to fall a victim of circumstances in the hands of sponsored kidnappers cum assassinators who instantaneously pretended to kidnap him with the 1st suspect his friend and vamoosed to unknown destination and nobody heard of him again since then till the time of writing of this petition.

“…surprisingly, since the incident happened, nobody has called any member of Nnakwue family for any ransom on behalf of Onyeka Nnakwue aside Nonso Morah who asked for a support for the ransom demanded on his brother and nothing else was heard before Ndubuisi Morah was released without his friend, Onyeka Nnakwue.

“…the funniest aspect of the whole childish stage-managed kidnap claim is that it was not only that the link between the purported kidnappers and our client was the 2nd suspect but that it was only through the 1st suspect that the 2nd suspect claimed he used to communicate to the kidnappers who claimed they demanded two hundred Million Naira (N200,000,000.00) ransom on behalf of his brother and asked for support from our client’s family for the victim Mr. Onyeka Nnakwue to be released.

“…what raised more suspicion over the whole story is that the 2nd suspect Mr. Nonso Muorah equally claimed that during their captivity in the hands of the kidnappers that he used to write text messages to the captors who upon the receipt of the messages would call him for discussion on the ransom to be paid to them for the release of their victims.

“…to contradict the claim of the suspects more, the 1st suspect who claimed that he was kidnapped with our client’s brother and through whom the 2nd suspect Mr. Nonso claimed he used to communicate their captors during negotiation for the ransom to be paid suddenly resurfaced on or about the 15th day of July, 2023 and claimed that he paid the captors the sum of Fifteen Million Naira (N15,000,000.00) in Bitcoin ransom for him to be released. Now, upon being asked of the whereabout of his friend Mr. Onyeka Nnakwue, he denied knowledge of his whereabouts, yet he provided the ATM card, car key and house keys of the victim Mr. Onyeka Nnakwue to our client to go and carry the victim’s car that is packed in his Petrol station.

“…that again at this stage, when the 1st suspect was asked how he was in possession of the above mentioned victim’s belongings, he informed our client that it was the captors that handed them over to him.

“…Sir, may it interest you also to know that the same 1st suspect who claimed to have been kidnapped with the victim Mr. Onyeka Nnakwue was seen by somebody who pleaded anonymity for now during these period he claimed he was in the camp or den of the captors. Wonders shall never end!”

It was however, alleged that the kidnap victim, Mr. Nnakwue had reportedly been murdered by his abductors; even as the legal aides called on the security agencies in the State to ensure that a thorough and discreet investigation is carried out on the matter.

“…Presently sir, the information reaching our client from the grapevine is that they have killed our client’s brother Mr. Onyeka Nnakwue for reasons best known to them, hence he has been kept incommunicado since 29th day of June, 2023 up to the time of writing this petition.

“…May we in the light of the above instructions of our client, call upon you to hasten up and do everything possible to arrest the situation by ensuring that a thorough and discreet investigation is carried out on this complaint and the culprits brought to book for the interest of justice…,” the petition concluded.

The petitioner called on the Commissioner of Police Anambra State; Director, Department of State Services (DSS); and the Anambra State Governor, Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo, to intervene, unmask, and resolve the mystery behind the kidnap of Nnakwue.

They also wondered why the kidnappers never contacted Onyeka Nnakwue’s family for any ransom, yet released his friend who was said to have been kidnapped with him in his office.

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