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In Awka, Nigerian Book Foundation Launches Book Clinic to Promote Literary Passion, Reading Culture


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

In a significant stride towards promoting reading culture and nurturing a literature in the society, the Nigerian Book Foundation (NBF) has unveiled its latest initiative – the Book Clinic.

NBF, driven by a mission to bolster the indigenous book industry, was established in 1991 by the late literary luminary, Prof. Chukwuemeka Ike, former Traditional Ruler of Ndikelionwu and author of ‘The Potters Wheel’, ‘Toads for Supper’, ‘Bottled Leopard’, ‘The Naked Gods’, ‘Sunset at Dawn’ ‘Expo 77’ and other books.

The newly launched Book Clinic, an innovative project, seeks to address the declining interest in reading and writing skills observed among today’s youth.

The grand opening of the Book Clinic held January 27, 2024, drawing a remarkable attendance of parents accompanied by their children eager to join the Book Clinic.

Speaking on the essence of the initiative, the organizers of the event and staff of NBF, including the General Manager, Nneka Ibeanu; the Admin Officer, Gloria Chukwurah; and the Public Relations Officer, Chioma Efoby, explained that Prof. Ike’s legacy and commitment to literature serve as the guiding force behind this endeavor, emphasizing the critical role of fostering a love for reading and writing in shaping the intellectual landscape of Nigeria’s younger generation.

According to them, the Book Clinic is envisioned as a dynamic hub where young minds can immerse themselves in the world of literature, engaging in book discussions, literary workshops, and creative writing sessions.

While urging the young ones to take good advantage of the initiative; the NBF staff further explained that through a plethora of carefully curated activities which will be gradually unfolding with time, the Foundation and the Book Clinic aspires to cultivate not only a penchant for reading but also a robust foundation in writing skills, as well as contributing to the intellectual and cultural development of Nigerian youths.

According to the organizers, membership registration for the Book Clinic is still ongoing, even as the Clinic is expected to be meeting periodically, on yet-to-be-announced date(s).

As the NBF takes this bold step, it echoes and reflects late Prof. Ike’s enduring legacy and his belief in the power of literature to shape minds and inspire generations, with the overall goals of making the society a better place to live.

Nigerian Book Foundation, which fully began operation in 1993, is located at the premises of the Anambra State Central E-Library, Awka, the capital city of Anambra State.

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