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In Anambra, 76-Year-Old Man Moves to Poison Widow for Turning Down His Sexual Request (Video)


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

A septuagenarian man has been apprehended in Anambra State for plotting to poison a local widow in the state for allegedly refusing to grant his request to engage in sexual affairs with her.

The incident happened at Afọr Nnobi Market in Nnobi Community, Idemili South Local Government Area of the State, where the suspect was apprehended by some denizens who saw him obsessedly loitering about in the market in a suspicious way (with N1000 in his hand), searching for and making inquiries about where to buy some chunks of the the poison for inflicting elephantiasic disease (elephantiasis) popularly known as leg poison (ure ụkwụ/enyi ure).

This was corroborated by a video that has gone viral on the social media showing some denizens of Nnobi as the surround and interrogate the suspect, with the N1000 in his hand.

Upon interrogation, the suspect, who did not reveal his name and nativity, said he was going to visit his family where they live in Ichida in Aguata Local Government Area before deciding to stop-by at Afọr Nnobi to buy some chunks of poison.

When asked whom he intends to use the poison on, the randy-looking 76-year-old man claimed that a widow wanted to dare him by turning down his sexual advances after collecting his N6000; hence the reason he vowed to deal with her and teach her the lessons of her life.

When asked how many people he had poisoned in the past, he claimed never to have poisoned anyone, claiming that this was his first time of coming to Afọr Nnobi to buy the poison.

The suspect also claimed that he was directed to the market by someone who told him where he could buy the poison, explaining that he forgot the direction, which made him start loitering around and asking people for direction to the place.

Watch the video below:

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