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Igbo Entrepreneur in Ireland Cries Out Over Frustration, Business Backwardness (Video)


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

Emeka Ikwukeme, an Nigerian/Igbo man and Founder/CEO of the Parcel King — a Courier Service & Parcel Delivery Company in Ireland, has shared a poignant account of his challenges, shedding light on the frustrations and setbacks plaguing his business endeavors in the country.

With candor and resilience, the Nigerian-born entrepreneur, in a video that is currently trending on the social media, detailed the turbulent journey that has unfolded since the inception of his company in 2019.

He lamented that what began as a promising venture swiftly spiraled into a tumultuous battle for survival, marred by inexplicable setbacks and financial turmoil.

“Every day is a struggle,” he lamented, recounting the uphill battle he faced after the removal of his insurance in 2022, a move that left him vulnerable and grappling for stability. Despite his relentless efforts, his fleet of over 100 vehicles dwindled, with many either impounded or rendered inoperable.

According to Mr. Ikwukeme, Parcel King experienced rapid growth initially, buoyed by a promising market landscape. However, the tide turned in 2021, marking the onset of relentless hardships and a relentless fight for survival.

The entrepreneur went further to recount a series of setbacks that have rocked his enterprise, with perhaps the most devastating blow being that of the removal of his insurance coverage in 2022. Stripped of this crucial safeguard, he found himself vulnerable and thrust into a precarious position, fighting to keep his fleet operational.

In a gut-wrenching revelation, Mr. Ikwukeme also disclosed how fraudulent activities further compounded his woes, particularly his ill-fated acquisition of Nova Point. The fallout from this transaction resulted in a staggering loss of €350,000 to fraudsters and the deterioration of numerous vehicles, leaving him grappling with financial ruin and the wreckage of broken dreams.

“They took everything from me,” he lamented, gesturing towards the battered remnants of his once-thriving fleet. Despite his unwavering resolve to persevere, he has been forced to confront threats to his personal safety, prompting his immediate relocation of his family to another country, to ensure their safety and well-being.

Asserting his innocence and steadfast work ethic, Mr. Ikwukeme vehemently denied any allegations of wrongdoing, emphasizing his relentless pursuit of success through honest means. Yet, he finds himself ensnared in a web of injustice, grappling with the inexplicable interference and obstacles hindering his path to redemption.

“I did not steal from anybody,” he asserted, imploring authorities to address the injustices he has endured over the years.

With his livelihood hanging in the balance, he expressed bewilderment at the lack of recourse, lamenting even the futile attempts to sell his remaining assets amidst dubious interference.

“Nobody’s coming to buy,” he revealed, citing ominous warnings against selling his vehicles.

Mr. Ikwukeme, in the video, laid bare the harsh realities of his ordeal, urging viewers to bear witness to his plight.

“I’m just showing it to the world to see what is going on,” he declared, a poignant plea for acknowledgment and support in his quest for justice.

Despite the adversities that have beset him, Emeka Ikwukeme appears to remain resolute in his determination to reclaim what was unjustly taken from him, even as his battle for survival rages on.

Watch the video below:

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