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I Just Fingered Her — 64-yr-old Pastor Who Defiled 7-yr-old Girl in Awka, Claims His Wife Is Always in Prayer (Video)


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

A 64-year-old randy pastor, Mr. Francis Ogu, has been arrested in Awka, Anambra State capital, for allegedly defiling a 7-year-old to ‘calm his nerves’.

The suspect, a native of Mbanọ in Imo State but resident in Anambra, was arrested on Thursday, June 27, following the report of his immoral act against the little girl who is a domestic help living with them.

Mr. Ogu, who is said to be the Spiritual Director and General Overseer of the Jesus House of Joy Church, Awka, is also married with children, the youngest of whom is 18-year-old.

Upon interrogation by the State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Welfare, Mrs. Ify Obinabo, Mr. Ogu confessed to defiling the 7-year-old girl, but, however, claimed he didn’t “penetrate” but only “fingered” her.

“I just fingered her once,” he said, demonstrating it with his finger.

“If I penetrate that girl with my thing, she won’t stand it nah,” he added, also demonstrating the strength and size of his manhood.

When asked why he defiled the child, the suspect, who attributed his act to temptation and handiwork of the devil, further explained that his wife has been denying him sex as she is always in prayer and fasting.

“Whenever I approach her, she would tell me she’s not in the mood and ask me if I had forgotten that she is fasting and in prayer. So, this is the excuse she always gives me, because she is always in prayer,” Mr. Ogu explained.

While kneeling down and genuflecting in apology, he also confessed to have failed God and humanity by his action against the little girl, even as he appealed for forgiveness, regretting that his picture and his story would circulate to all the places he had gone to preach the gospel as a pastor and Spiritual Director.

Howbeit, it was gathered that the seven-year-old victim, who privately narrated her side of the story, told the Commissioner that the suspect had carnal knowledge of her three different times, adding that he usually gives her money ranging from N500 to N1,000 after each round.

The victim also revealed that, at some point, the pastor’s wife started accusing her of snatching her husband from her, which made her and her children to start maltreating her, and which prompted her to leave the house.

One her own part, the mother of the little child, a native of Awka, stated that she handed the daughter over to the Ogu family because of the relationship they have had over time, but was shocked when her daughter returned to her and narrated her experience.

This, she said, made her to quickly call the suspect, who, upon interrogation, totally denied the allegations; hence the reason they involved some other persons to help raise the alarm, till the matter got to the attention of the State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Welfare.

Reacting to the incident after hearing from the parties, Commissioner Obinabo, who condemned the act as abominable, further confuted the ‘pastor’ and his wife.

Although besieged by the wife and children of the suspect who joined to apologize on his behalf, the Commissioner emphatically vowed to get to the root of the matter, to ensure that the little girl gets the deserved justice; even as she ordered transfer of the suspect to the police, from where he would be charged to court.

The Commissioner, while reiterating that defilement is intolerable and inexcusable in Anambra State, further urged women to always try as much as possible to be understanding and gratifying the sexual need of their husbands, as such neglect of duty could be contributory to the level of rape and defilement in the society.

Mrs. Obinabo also reiterated that the suspect must charge to court and punished under the law, to serve as deterrent to others.

Watch the video HERE


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