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Enchanting Love Note (For My Val) — Special Valentine Poetry Collection




In the enchanting realm of heartfelt verses, our poets have once again illuminated the path of love in the 2024 Valentine Poetry Collection— Enchanting Love Note (For My Val).

This annual gathering of poetic souls is a testament to the enduring spirit of love, where emotions flow like an unending melody.

Currently in its 6th edition, this Special Valentine Poetry Collection, also known as the World’s Longest Single Love Poem, is weaved annually to give Valentine’s Day a poetic taste. Previous editions of the collection include: ‘My Love My All’, ‘Love Nwantịntị’, ’My Love for My Love’, ‘My Val, My Tonic’, etc.

Here in this 2024 edition, our contributors have each woven strands of their souls into the intricate fabric of this collection. Indeed, it is more than just poetry, but also a celebration of love’s boundless beauty.

The process leading to this collection is akin to an alchemical transformation of emotions into words—a delicate dance between the heart and the pen. It is a collaborative effort where diverse voices harmonize to create a symphony of love, resonating with the shared joy, passion, and tenderness that unite us all.

As the Initiator and Editor, I find immense joy in presenting this latest collection —a labor of love crafted by individuals who believe in the power of words to capture the essence of our deepest emotions. Each stanza is a brushstroke on the canvas of emotions, illustrating the significance of love in our daily lives.

To our esteemed readers, I invite you to immerse yourselves in this collection, to traverse the landscapes of love painted by these talented poets. May these verses be a source of inspiration, solace, and joy as you join us to embark on this literary journey of enchanting love note.

To our contributors, thank you for entrusting us with your poetic expressions. Your words have enriched this collection and contributed to this fabrication of emotions that defines love in all its forms.

Wishing everyone a lovely read and a Happy Valentine’s Day. May the enchantment of these notes and verses linger in your hearts and inspire you to celebrate the endless magic of love, not just today but everyday of your existence in this world of love.

Meanwhile, for the meantime, join us to this Sugarland, where this love knows no bounds.

Happy Val.

Izunna Okafor
(The Editor)




Izunna Okafor
Chisimdi George
John Chinaka Onyeche
Ifeyinwa Gertie Uzoka
Valentine Muoma
Nnenna Ogbozor
Kelvin Ofeimu
Chinwuba Chukwura

They write:


In the twilight of our shared delight,
This enchanting note, my Val, takes flight.
Beneath the moon, our hearts entwine,
A serenade sweet, forever thine.

Your gaze, a sonnet in the night,
Each glance, a promise, pure and bright.
Your soft whispers flow like a gentle stream,
And our love, like a melody and an endless dream.

In the sanctuary of your tender embrace so warm,
I offer this enchanting love note, a comforting balm made warm.
With you, my Val, forever intertwined,
Every word echoes love, a melody so refined.

Our love, so sweet and true
Refined through stormy seas,
And stronger still,
Deep and unquenchable.

Our heartbeats make melodies
Speaking without words
In aphrodisiac symphony
Rhythms which only love comprehends.

Let’s go to Sugarland and live.
Only you and I.
In an everlasting happiness.
Holding our arms everyday.

Where our love shines.
No restrictions, no obstruction.
Enjoying our kiss and warming
Each other .
My half, my joy, my love tonic, it
Is Val, welcome to Sugarland.

I have longed to take a sip
Gulping this sweetness
Deep and deeper within –
My being, my heart.

This sweetness proclaimed
In loving you and loving me
A sweet tonic, oh,
How it intoxicates, mesmerizes.

Each time I look into your eyes,
I feel mesmerized and gaze at you aimlessly
The euphoria of your presence alone is overwhelming and enchanting
Your cheeks, as fresh as morning wine.

Your warm embrace is breathtaking,
Serving as source of solace and inspiration
Your bouncing and dancing skills
Are ever my comic relief.

Amid all that hovers around me
I gave you my focus
And you’ve been such an amazing Val,
My comforter, gist lover and shock absorber at the same time.

I cherish every moment we spend together
In fact,
Dear Val and honey pie,
You’re such a darling!

No wonder our hearts make choices,
We hardly plan
So enveloped in fantasy
Devouring each other’s lips endless nights,
Blind to the world if you like.

God bless the day my eyes rested on you,
On your bosom I found succour.
Your hug is like a missing gold,
Loving you is a pride no man can escape.

When the dawn arrives in its ululating hubris,
Stretching its hands warmly like the evening cool breeze
I’ll carve your face in the canvas etched in my heart verse,
So that when the night tries to take all of you away,
You my love won’t be left faded in a broken vase.

In each other’s heart lets live
Living in chaste and purity
And in unity like holy trinity
Exalt our valleys to joys’ beehive.

In each other’s heart let’s live
In friendly thoughts every night and day
Leaving no shared moment at bay
Into each other’s heart always love to give.

Daises are the beds we shall lay on
When our two hearts meet for fun
This friendship with an endless love flames
Keep us within bounds of dainty love games.

Heartily thanking the star adjudged little
That thought us how to twinkle
What this star is, is in our wonder
For each other in friendly spirit be fonder

Shun the laws, keep to the time and place
Our hands will hold, our hearts will embrace
And I whisper into your heart happy Val
And say my sweet Val always you’re a pal.


Thank you for reading!


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