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Awka Girls No Longer Wear Bra and Panties — A Finding of a Concerned Bachelor


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

A subtle yet noticeable shift has been unfolding in recent times in Awka the capital city of Anambra. The air is abuzz with whispers, and the streets are witnessing a new stride – a braless stride. Yes, you heard me right! Awka girls are leaving their bra behind, and the city is becoming somewhat ‘hotter’ with the new trend in the atmosphere. This seismic shift in fashion has given rise to some hilarious scenarios, poignant implications, and introspective revelations

The essence of a bra, beyond its utilitarian purpose, has long been a topic of intrigue. Providing support, comfort, and a dash of allure, the bra, which is a humble undergarment, used to be a trusty companion to females. Its absence, however, has led to a fascinating spectacle as the ladies embrace a newfound freedom, allowing their boobs to sway and dangle with each step and turn.

Touring round the Awka city, this reporter and concerned bachelor, Izunna Okafor, caught a glimpse of these carefree women engrossed in their daily routines. Their breasts, once diligently held in place, now dance to the rhythm of life. And yes, they’re subtly aware of the attention they receive. And that is why they usually give men a concomitant look to gauge whether you’re glancing at their unbridled grace. Some ladies, in a bid to hold tight the property, even shield their chests with their hands, a gesture that seems to be saying, “This is mine, not yours to observe.”

Regrettably, some ladies who wear bra occasionally wear a falled bra (tired but not retired bra); while some wear undersized, thereby drawing a battle line between their boobs and their bra.

It was also observed that it’s not only bras that are being left behind by ladies, panties too seem to be losing their place in the daily ensemble. And what’s more intriguing is that this trend isn’t limited to the young girls and ladies alone; many married women are equally fast embracing this new shift and trend, even while their own ‘property’ have been fully ‘paid for’ by their husbands.

Still on the matter, some ladies who wear unisex shirts or polos now deliberately fold/flip it up on one side of the buttock, in attempt to showcase both the size and how it struggles as they move.

What exactly prompts and propels this paradigm shift? Some people say it’s comfort, others say it’s fashion trends, and then there’s the cohort that believes in flaunting their natural form. Regardless of the reason, it’s a sight to behold – an assembly of women striding forward with a newfound confidence.

One may wonder what business I have with women’s bra, or argue that fashion is a product personal choice. However, while it’s true that personal choice should be respected, it’s also worth considering the message being conveyed. I need not to inform us that this latest trend may not be unconnected with the increasing rate of sexual harassment in the society today. Although, it is not a justification for that, because crime is crime, irrespective of why it was committed. However, there’s more to say about this fashion revolution.

There’s an underlying implication worth pondering. The notion of public display versus personal comfort sparks a discussion on societal expectations and individual choices. The public gaze has taken a turn from discreet admiration to a more overt scrutiny.

Yet, a question lingers: who do these ladies and women actually impressing? In fact, are they even impressing, expressing, or suppressing ? In a world dominated by social media and virtual personas, the motivations behind such choices can be complex. The desire to attract attention is universal, but at what cost?

Indeed, the implications of this phenomenon, though open to interpretation, warrant consideration. From health concerns to the portrayal of self-worth, these changes bring a new perspective to the forefront.

It’s important to note that this article isn’t intended to be judgmental or offensive to anyone. Rather, it’s a mirror that reflects the choices we make and the messages we send as humans. Ladies, women, and girls are therefore, encouraged to consider the implications of their fashion choices.

In the midst of this braless and pantieless revolution witnessed in Awka today, there’s a deeper narrative that needs to be addressed. Rather than seeking attention, validation, and recognition through showcasing of body parts, one should seek these through showcasing of her admirable traits and talents, embodying a captivating elegance that extends beyond mere physical attributes. While a man’s perspective should not dictate ladies’ choices, it’s essential to acknowledge that a true connection doesn’t rely on exposed body parts. The admirability and the attractive power of a well-dressed character far outweigh the allure of an exposed body part — be it a dangling breast or a struggling buttock.

This is a reminder that the essence of a person lies not in the external, but in the heart, soul, and character. Embracing one’s uniqueness, while steering clear of unnecessary exposure, is a lesson that transcends fashion trends. In the end, the true allure of a person is the sum of their virtues, and those who recognize this are the ones worth capturing hearts.

Showcase your good character as a lady, and not your exposed body parts. Make your character your selling point, and you’ll never regret you did.

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