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Anambra Woman Apologizes After Demon Spoke Through Her During Deliverance in Church (video)


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

A woman, identified as Josephine Okpala, has tendered her unreserved apology for wrongly accusing her aunt, Mrs. Philomena Okpala, of being responsible for many bad things happening in the Okpala Family and to the members of the family.

Recall that a video recently went viral, showing a woman purported to be under anointing during a deliverance session in a church, accusing her aunt of being responsible her son’s death and diabolically making her and her sisters not to get married. The woman in the video, also accused her aunt of making her eldest brother not to be rich and for not being ‘responsible’, among other accusations she labelled against her.

This reporter, Izunna Okafor, gathered that the video and its content did not only raise dust in the social media, but also created disunity in the Okpala Family, even to the extent that the traditional ruler of their community created a panel to look into the matter, as it began to take another dimension.

However, the accuser, who was later identified as Josephine Okpala from Akwaeze community in Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State, later realized she was wrong in all her accusations against her aunt.

Apologizing in another viral video, Josephine felt very sorry for her mistakes, and said she didn’t know what came over her during the deliverance session that made her to begin saying such unprintable things against her aunt.

She further denounced and retracted everything she said against Mrs. Philomena during the deliverance session, while also pleading with her and everyone affected by what she said to forgive her.

Josephine further sued for peace, even as she pleaded with her family members to revive the brotherhood and begin living in unity and love again, without allowing the incident to hoist a long-term disunity and hatred among them.

On his own part, Rev. Chika Emmanuel, the Founder of Divine Church Inc., where the said deliverance took place, claimed that Josephine spoke under the influence of the demon during the deliverance.

According to him, it was the demon that possessed and spoke through her during the session, as everything she said there was induced by the demon in her.

The pastor, who earlier shared the video of the deliverance on his church’s Facebook and other social media handles, pleaded with the members of the public to disregard the contents of the video, as it was the demon that spoken through Josephine.

Reacting to the incident, the State Commissioner for Women and Social Welfare Commissioner, Mrs. Ify Obinabo, joined her voice to urge the Okpala Family to forgive their daughter for her utterances.

According to the Public Relations Officer of the Ministry, Chidinma Ikeanyionwu, the Commissioner waded into the matter after Igwe Christopher Okpala of Akwaeze created the panel to look into it. She also warned against false accusations which could result to long-term disunity in a family and society at large; even as she urged all parties involved in the matter tamper justice with mercy by forgiving Josephine.

Commissioner Obinabo, according to the P.R.O., further warned the culprit, Josephine against making any such unconfirmed and unfathomable accusations against anybody, as repetition of such would invoke the full weight of the law against her.

Watch the video below

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