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Fallen Tanker: Anambra Residents Stone Fire Service Officials for Stopping Them from Scooping Spilled Fuel (video)


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

It was a dramatic incident today, as residents of Anambra State descended on the scene of a fallen petrol tanker, greedily scooping fuel, and even stoning firefighters from the Anambra State Fire Service when they arrived to prevent a potential disaster.

According to the Anambra State Fire Chief, Engr Martins Agbili, the incident happened at about 7:30a.m. on Tuesday at Awkuzu, when his office received a distress call about the precarious situation.

He said responding swiftly, he deployed his team of firefighters and firetrucks to the scene, given the possibility of an explosion or fire outbreak from the tanker laden with petrol.

According to him, however, upon their arrival, the residents who were already immersed in the illicit act of fuel scooping viewed the firefighters as a hindrance to their potential windfall. Ignoring the firefighters’ warnings about the inherent dangers, the residents resorted to attacking the officials, even pelting them with stones.

Fire Chief Agbili said it took the intervention of officers from the Anambra State Police Command and military personnel to rescue the firefighters and also disperse and control the hostile crowd, creating a safe environment for the firefighters to carry out their duty.

He expressed strong condemnation for the residents’ actions, reiterating the grave perils associated with such reckless behaviour. He reminded the public of the alarming frequency with which people are roasted alive as a result of similar incidents.

Agbili questioned why people persist in these dangerous acts despite witnessing the horrific consequences and being continually warned of the potential dangers through news reports and advocacy. He issued a stern warning to the residents of Anambra, cautioning them to cease such perilous endeavours, with a stern admonition that those who tempt fate in such incidents will bear the blame for their own misfortunes.

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