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Anambra: Federal Lawmaker, Hon. Nnabuife’s Heartwarming Gestures Rekindle Hope for the Young Nwankwo’s Family in Nanka



By Izunna Okafor, Awka

In a remarkable display of compassion and community spirit, Hon. Mrs. Chinwe Clara Nnabuife, the member representative Orumba North and South Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, paid a touching visit to one of his constituent, Mr. Chukwuka Nwankwo in his recovering bed.

The young boy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nwankwo of Etti Village, in Nanka, Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State, is on the path to recovery after undergoing a very critical but successful leg surgery towards the end of 2023 —a medical journey facilitated and made to come quick by the lawmaker’s substantial financial support and generosity, alongside that of other good-spirited individuals in Nanka, who responded when the family was in dire need of finance for their son’s urgent medical attention.

Howbeit, while Chukwuka is now on the road to his full recovery after the successful surgery, the lawmaker, during her recent visit to Nanka community, also thought it wise to branch over.

Hon. Nnabuife, during the visit, expressed her heartfelt emotions upon witnessing the progress in Chukwuka’s health. She further conveyed her optimism and prayers for his sooner complete recovery, while also assuring the family of her unwavering support in the journey ahead. The lawmaker, known for her benevolence, also took the opportunity to extend further aid by making cash donations to the family, further demonstrating her commitment to their well-being.

In her touching remarks, Hon. Nnabuife shared words of encouragement and advice for the Nwankwo family, even as she emphasized the importance of unity and community support during challenging times. The lawmaker’s pledge for continuous assistance to the family also underscored her genuine care and concern for her constituents, their affairs and wellbeing, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of the people.

Responding, the mother of the recovering child, Mrs. Nwankwo, overwhelmed with gratitude, expressed her sincere appreciation for the lawmaker’s intervention at such a critical time.

Mrs. Nwankwo, visibly moved, reflected on the challenging period period and experience they had when they were seeking financial assistance for their son’s surgery; even as she shared her profound relief and optimism, attributing the positive turn of events to Hon. Nnabuife’s timely and generous support.

As the community prepares for a supplementary election of the Federal Lawmaker in the Constituency on February 3, Mrs. Nwankwo pledged her maximum support to Hon. Nnabuife, acknowledging the lawmaker’s impactful role in their lives.

The heartwarming incident does not only highlight the compassion of Hon. Nnabuife, but also underscores the transformative influence of her benevolent actions and gestures, earning her further admiration and respect from the community she serves.

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