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Always Check Your Breast — Soludo’s Wife Advises Women, Young Girls


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

Women have been advised to regularly check their breasts, as one of the ways to maintain a healthy living and ensure early detection of some breast-related diseases, such as breast cancer.

The wife of Anambra State Governor and initiator, Healthy Living with Nonye Soludo, Mrs. Nonye Soludo, gave the advice in a post recently published on her social media, where she also described breast cancer as a leading cause of death among Nigerian women.

Citing the recent revelation by Sara Sidner, the co-anchor of the morning edition of CNN News Central announcing that her breast cancer diagnosis came back positive, Mrs. Soludo, who said the news hit the heart rather sorely, also revealed that millions of other women have found themselves in such same unfortunate situation like Sidner.

She hinted that thousands of women in Africa have died from the dangerous disease, with Nigeria having a good chunk of the number.

“Breast cancer, according to studies, is a leading cause of death among Nigerian women. While the threats of this disease are as potent as its name, breast cancer, like cervical cancer, is not totally a death sentence, if detected early enough. Our women must understand this: prompt and timely checks are key to beating the monster. How often do you examine your breasts? When was the last time you got your breasts checked? These questions are crucial,” she said.

While reeling out the efforts of her initiative, Healthy Living with Nonye Soludo,, in promoting good health, Mrs. Soludo said expressed her believe that with the right food, many diseases can be prevented.

“Food is the best medicine. What you eat has the power to heal or to kill. Be very mindful of what goes into your mouth. Cherish your body. Remember that when you’re intentionally eating right, your body becomes a red zone for sicknesses. God and nature have made it that way.”

Continuing, she said: “In Anambra State, we’re pushing our cancer awareness advocacies to reach more women, especially those living in rural areas. With our free cervical cancer interventions yielding great results, we want to expand the scope of our breast cancer mitigation programme.

“However, the government alone can’t wage the war. Wherever you are, let this call of help reach you. God help us, no woman should die from any form of cancer in Anambra State.”

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