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Alleged Flogging of a Child: Anambra Govt Shuts Down School without Due Investigation


By Karen James

As the report of an alleged incident at Blessed Wisdom Model School Onitsha, claiming that the school flogged a child one miss Ifechkwu Egnuniwe of 2 years has come to light, we the Pechilly Investigative Channel team conducted an investigation to examine the veracity of these claims. That leads to the shutting down of the school.

During our investigation we outline so many fact, statements and evidence concerning this matter.
However, After conducting interviews with the school administration, Teachers, Doctor and several witnesses who present on that day, being 28th of April, 2023. We the Pechilly Investigative Channel team have found that there is no evidence to support these allegations. According to the school’s administration, there has never been a 2-year-old student that has ever been flogged in the school, and no such incident of corporal punishment has occurred. Additionally, several witnesses who were present at the time of the alleged incident have repeatedly said there was never a thing like that or ever seeing any evidence of such an occurrence in that school.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that corporal punishment is illegal in Nigeria, and schools are subjected to strict regulations in this regard. Any reports of such incidents are taken very seriously by the authorities, and schools found guilty can face severe repercussions, including revocation of their license to operate.

Based on the evidence we have gathered, we can conclude that the claims of a child being flogged at Blessed Wisdom Model School Onitsha are baseless and unfounded. The child little miss Ifechkwu Egnuniwe in question It is important to remember that such allegations can be damaging not only to the school but also to the individuals involved, and it is essential to verify any such reports before spreading them. We urge the public to be cautious and always seek credible sources when dealing with issues of this nature.

In conclusion, the parents of the child ignored the invitation of the police after they must have gone and reported the case to them.

Overall, it is uncalled for, for a Commissioner to take action without investigating the matter properly. It is a failed decision of the government.

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