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Akwa Ọkụkọ Begins Boasting Again After Regaining Freedom, Claims He Surrendered to Save Others (videos)


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

The recently-kidnapped Anambra native doctor, popularly known as Akwa Ọkụkọ Tiwara Akị, has begin boasting again after regaining freedom from abductors.

Recall that Akwa Ọkụkọ, whose real name is Chinedu Nwangwu, was kidnapped barely one week ago in his hotel in Oba, Idemili South Local Government Area of the State, by unidentified gunmen, who also shot dead his two security guards during the operation.

However, Akwa’s abduction news came as a shock to many Nigerians who were conversant with his boastful comments and pomposity, as he always claimed that nothing could ever harm or happen to him as a result of his possession of wealth and spiritual powers.

Many Nigerians also exhumed previous videos of his boastful comments to make mockery of him that his money and power eventually could not save him from the hands of his abductors. Many also questioned why he even had security guards since he trusted and had so much confidence that his spiritual power could grant him any kind of protection he needed.

Be it as it may, the popular native doctor who consumed one full week in the den of his abductors was eventually reportedly released over the weekend after his abductors were said to have made a ransom demand of 300 million naira. The reports of his release was corroborated by videos trending on the social media. The videos obtained by this reporter, Izunna Okafor, show Akwa Ọkụkọ’s supposed friends and youths of his community celebrating and making merry for his release.

Speaking in one of the videos, Akwa Ọkụkọ Tiwara Akị, who also still looks fresh and honey with his golden necklace, narrated how the gunmen stormed the hotel and whisked him away. He also boasted that the abductors came with different grades of sophisticated guns and tested all on his body, but that none could penetrate him, before he eventually willingly surrendered himself to them, to prevent them from killing other people in the hotel as they had already lied everybody down and were ready to cause a bloodbath.

The young native doctor also claimed that he was innocent and was not owing anybody nor had he diverted anybody’s money or even offended anyone; hence his spiritual powers could not fail him during the encounter and throughout his stay in the hands of his abductors.

He also opined that it was only things — money or charms (magical powers) — that can save a man in the time of trouble, even as he boasted that he has the two and has them in abundance.

Watch the video below:

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