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Aboki Okada Riders Kill Traffic Warden, Use Their Bikes to Run over His Corpse on the Express (Video)


By Izunna Okafor, Awka

What could be best described as uncouth ensued recently in Lagos State, as some commercial motorcyclists, popularly known as Ọkada Riders, murdered a traffic warden and used their motorcycles to run over his corpse.

Although, reports have it that the murdered official of the Lagos State Taskforce was on an illegal duty with two police officers attached to the State Taskforce, who have already been arrested and are currently facing disciplinary actions for leading the ill-fated illegal duty; the deceased was, however, murdered in cold blood by the ‘Aboki Ọkada Riders’.

This was further corroborated by a video currently trending on the social media, which shows the Ọkada riders using their bikes to climb and run over the body of the traffic warned on the expressway where they kept him after having killed him halfway, making him to die up a painful and agonizing death

Recounting how the incident happened, an eyewitness, Mr. Mark Chijioke, said it was one of the Ọkada riders who exposed the fakeness of one of the Taskforce officials, making his colleagues to descend on them.

He said, “We saw officials of the Lagos State Taskforce arresting and collecting money from okada riders. Along the line, one of the riders claimed that he knew one of the officials to be fake.

“Immediately, other okada riders started fighting the officials; then the policemen took to their heels. One of the officials was unlucky that he was caught and beaten to stupor. The angry okada riders did not stop at beating him, they also used their okada to run over him severally. They did that for many times before the man finally died.

“Much as I condemn extortion, I do not subscribe to killing the man. They should have handed him over to the police.

“The scene was a gory one to behold. The okada riders were so wicked that they were running their okada repeatedly over the man. Some did that over his head, while others ran over his body.

“The police should fish out the perpetrators of the act and bring them to justice.”

Confirming the incident, the Spokesperson of the Lagos State Police Command, SP Benjamin Hundyin, said the police officials went on an illegal duty, taking some civilians with them to shore up their numbers.

“They came under attack from motorcycle riders, resulting in the death of one of the civilians.

“While disciplinary actions have commenced on the already detained police officers, and search is on for their civilian accomplices, investigations have commenced to identify, arrest and prosecute the perpetrators of this dastardly act,” the Police Public Relations Officer explained.

Watch the video below:

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