UGWUANYI: Threading on The Lonely Path Of Dwindling Image

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There are strong indications that the people of Enugu State have lost confidence in administration of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi as his popularity keeps drifting.

Investigation by Onyokomita authoritatively reveal that many citizens and resident of Enugu State are no longer comfortable with the administrative style of the governor.

Our reporter who  carried out a survey of the governor’s popularity index, reports that publications concerning the activities of the governor no longer attract the attention of the people of Enugu State.

When Onyokomita visited the Social Media handle of one of the media Aides of the governor, Mr. Louis Amoke, a shocking revelation shows that most of the media posts made on the governor attracted the expected attention.

Mr. Amoke made a post on the rural development strides of the governor “#RURAL DEVELOPMENT:

Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s administration delivers Amutenyi/Obollo-Afor /Amalla road in Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu State, hitherto neglected for so many decades.

Enugu State is in the hands of God!”.

It was gathered that after  two hours , as at the time of this report, the post only garnered 13likes, 4 comments and 4 shares.

Our investigation further reveal that a follow up post made by the governor’s media Aide only attracted 15 likes ,5 comments and 2 shares after 24 hours of its publication on his Facebook wall.

It was further gathered that another post made by Amoke on the governor on mass vaccination against yellow fever attracted only 10 likes, 1 comment and 2 shares after 24 hours as at the time of this report.

Amoke who has 5,000 persons on his facebook friendship profile was never greeted with 2 percent in all his Facebook posts on the activities of the governor.

On the post during the governor’s project inspection of the upgrading of School of Basic Midwifery and Hospital, Agwu, only 14 likes, 6 comments and 4 shares were seen after 48 hours of the post, as at the time of this report.

A major breakthrough of 19 likes, 18 comments and 4 shares were recorded after 36 hours  on his Facebook wall when the governor’s media Aide made post on the governor’s visit to the accident scene in Agwu were school children lost their lives.

Our investigation further reveal that out of over 50 posts made on the governor by his Media Aide, a total 63 comments 24 likes and 31 shares were recorded as at the time of this report.

Our investigative reporter further disclosed that most of the comments chided the governor, pointing to his non performance after five years as governor of Enugu State.

One of the commentators on the post informing the donation of free bus service for indigens of Enugu State returning for this year’s christmas, Onunze Anayo reminded the people that the governor have not given acceptable account of the death of Enugu citizens killed during the ENDEARS Protest.

“What about those he killed in enugu protest you people don forget them so soon nawaa”. Onunze querried.

Another commentator, Ejiofor Ayogu affirmed,  “Misplaced  priorities Enugu state”.

It was a disaster when the governor’s media Aide posted a banner advertorial inviting people to a documentary on the governor’s achievement on the education sector and which, according to the advertorial would be broadcast on Channels Television. The post garnered only 8 likes, 1 comment and 1 share.

Onyokomita investigation further show that past governor’s of Enugu State who have left office  enjoy better public image  than the incumbent governor.

This is not usually the convention, especially in African society. Social survey has shown that people in power tends to enjoy more followers than those in exit of official authority especially in the political sphere.

But our investigation showed the opposite in this regard.

For instance, when Onyokomita visited the Facebook page of the former governor Sullivan I. Chime, it was like a market place as high traffic greet every post made on the Wall.

The former governor’s page which is currently, as at the time of this report hosting 17,066 likes on the page attracts not less than 500 comments on most of the  posts.

For instance a post made on, 12th November, 2020 by 8.29am has as at 7.23 am on 13th November 2020  ( 22hours) attracted 661 comments and 136 shares.

Commentators on the said post elated the former governor for his achievements while he held sway as governor of Enugu State.

Some of their  comments reads:

Marcel Chukwuebuka:
“Your Excellency Sir, you left an indelible mark in the minds of my people when you swiftly approved the construction of the deplorable Iwollo Oghe – Olo – Umulokpa road in Ezeagu during your tenure in Office.I taught it was a political jamboree but to the glory of God,it was made possible.I pray that God in his infinite goodness keep you healthy and return you to a political position to serve your people more.”

Peter Chigozie:
” Still on point! How l wish you can another tenure in governance in Enugu State, because l know if somebody like you stays in government for another 4yrs all the streets in Enugu would been tarred with street light.
I miss you Barr. Sullivan may God be with you always Amen”

Eze Johnson Obi:
” Good leader,  you exemplified what you wrote here during your tenure; this gives me joy.

One day, on a very good day, that day will sure come; the day you will find yourself in Aso Rock with preparations to pilot  Nigerian affairs. Can’t wait to see you there Sir”

Obinna Bobby Anibueze:

” The only service Gburugburu is doing for ndi Enugu presently is to attend parties upandan and eat like a glutton.
Handing over to him is a great disservice to us sir. He is literally messing up everything you and Chimaroke built.”
Among others.

A random check on posts made on the former governor’s wall shows that  three posts attracted a total of 1,297,000 comments while  random selection of three post on Governor Ugwuanyi’s publication as made on his behalf by his Media Aide, Louis Amoke attracted a total of 81 comments.

A close survey of former governor Chime’s wall show that followership on the page is progressive as posts made earlier at the inception of the page attracted low comments but increased as the page grows.

In an interview, a Public Relations expert, Dr. Chris Onyeze noted that building confidence of the followers by any leader was not based on making noise on the media but such a leader must have shown honesty and commitment in his leadership.

Citing instances, Dr. Onyeze quoted Robert Budi Hartono as saying ” Don’t ever break someone’s trust. Once you do, then no body wants to do buisness with you”.

The Public relation expert pointed out that civilisation and knowledge is increasing on daily basis and warned leaders to be cautious on how they chun out dishonesty and deceit in leadership.

He advised leaders to always show commitment and exemplary life to be able to enjoy the confidence of their followers.

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