BIAFRA: How Buhari Enforced IPOB's Sit-At-Home Order

Never in the history of the existence of the Indigenous People of Biafra( IPOB) as an organisation had their Sit-At-Home Order been obeyed like yesterday.

The entire South East and reasonable part of South South were shut down completely as markets, schools, banks, and all other commercial activities were closed down to observe what IPOB called " in honour of the Biafran fallen Heroes".

Our correspondents reports that States of the South East and South South looked like a grave yard as roads and streets were deserted while vehicular movements were at zero.

IPOB had through it's leader, Nnamdi Kanu, issued a statement last week, calling on all Igbos both home and abroad to stay at home on Monday the 31st day of May 2021 in honour of the fallen Biafra Heroes who lost their lives during the 3- year Civil War of 1967 to 1970.

The statement further explained that while this year's Biafra Day was shifted to 31st was because the usual date being 30th May was Sunday and it was imperative to shift the event to allow people worship on Sunday.

Some of the residents in Enugu who spoke to our reporter via phone call noted that the level of compliance was tremendous.

"This is not the first time, IPOB is issuing such order but observers beleived that it has never been observed to its full capacity like this.

"States like Ebonyi and Enugu had always witnessed partial compliance but this year's own was total". Said the resident.

Although some governor's made attempt to thwart the IPOB order, people snubbed the governor's counter order to observe the sit at home.


But analysts are of the view that President Buhari's nepotic administration propelled the Igbos to massively observe the POB order to further express their grievances of the age long marginalisation in the scheme of things in the country.

One of them, a Policy Consultant and Political Scientist, Dr. Walter Ike noted that the lopsided nature of the President's appointments, incessant killings of farmers in the South East by Fulani herders without a practical step to curb it, as well as economic strangulation of the South East zone spurred the Igbos more.

" How can you explain the fact that there have been series of fulani herders attack and the President have never made any comment.

" People are killed on the daily basis, yet the president has not uttered any word but each time these herders are arrested with guns, police will release them untouched and their guns also released.

" How can you explain the fact that all the Security Chiefs are of Fulani extraction in a nation of over 250 ethnic groups, and you expect that people should sit down and fold their hands.

" Agitations had always existed but we have never witnessed a massive support like this. It is Buhari that fuelled these agitations". Dr. Ike argued.

A Proffesor of Diplomatic Studies, Charles Uduak pointed out that the traumatising economic policies of Buhari administration also contributed to the intensity of agitations in the country.

He further said that the ineffective management of the post Endsars era may have further deteriorated the situation.

" The truth is that President Buhari has just made IPOB a success and whatever is the outcome , he is to blame". Prof. Uduak noted.


Apparently, there is no doubt that the South East and indeed all Igbos have secured a voice to chart her course.

With the total compliance to the Sit-at - home order, by the IPOB leader, analysts beleived that one may not be looking a far distance in search of shape of things to come in the near future.

They noted that IPOB has gained the confidence of the masses which is most likely to grow deeper.

Meanwhile,indications point to the effect that the governor's of the South East zone have yielded to demands of the igbo masses and have come to terms with the reality on ground.

In Anambra, Governor Willie Obiano on Sunday May, 30 laid a wreath in honour of the Biafra fallen heroes in commomaration of the Biafra Day.

In Ebonyi State, Governor Umahi who had earlier threatened to seieze any shop or buisness premises locked on the Sit-at-home order, swifty reversed himself barely few hours after he had addressed the press making the threat.

In a related development, Governor Ugwuanyi ordered the release of Biafra agitators detained by the police in commomaration of the Biafra Day.

The situation appears same in Imo and Abia where efforts by the governors of the two states to persuade the people to shun the sit -at-home order failed.