I beg to differ from popular criticism/opinion of president Muhammadu Buhari on performance. For me, he did nothing wrong except that we were the architects of our own problems by expecting too much from him in the first place.

In his interview with Channels TV, he was quoted to have said that he had given his very best to the service of nation. Maybe instead of pouring on him a backlash of criticism and condemnation, he should be commended for finally confirming what most Nigerian's have long suspect. 

Would we have preferred him giving us another false hope like he had done in previous years? Can a man give what he does not have? Was he to be blamed for an offence some political merchants and sychophants committed to have foisted him on Nigerians?

The fact is that every man can only deliver to the extent of his capacity. And our president has admitted to have done exactly that with no apology. Just that Nigerians over-priced his real worth thinking he is what he is not - the consequence we now reap and may hardly recover from even decades to come.

On the other hand, it would be a different ball game all together if he had said he witheld giving his best to the nation, then we can crucify him for not being kind/patriotic to us. But this is not the case as those still expecting anything different from him are either benefiting from the system, being economical with the truth or morally insane, and are to be chiefly blamed.

While I strongly agree to the fact that his very best is not enough, I'm of the view that he shouldn't be blamed either to a large extent because no one can give more than what he has (Though this does not still exonerate him completely).

No wonder his administration is characterized with a lot of conflicts of ideas and policies even within same government; as each appointee fights for power display/show off - maybe they know what many Nigerians do not including the fact that their principal lacks such capacity to govern as being deluded in the public space.

The only offence I can say that Mr President may have committed if any, is first not telling us earlier in the early period of his administration, and also still opting to remain in office even when it is now obvious he is exhausted in all ramifications and can no longer do anything new from what he had done in past years.

The task now before all of us is to get it right come in 2023, and not make same mistake. Go through people's credentials, antecedent/ records and never over estimate any candidate for whatever reason before rooting for them. It starts with assenting to the Electoral Bill which all Nigerians must push for. Otherwise we may end up with even a worse incompetent leader in next election.

More importantly, is that every person must get his/her voter's card as that is the currency for electoral transaction towards changing leadership in a democratic setting.

Now, those expecting anything different from a person who has already accepted to have given his best/all without resultant achievements as expected, should berry their head in utmost shame as they are bound to meet their waterloo.

Nigerians must now be wise.


~Concerned Nigerian