UGWUANYI - When Breeze Opens The Anus Of A Fowl

It is not strange that nature has its way of attending to every situation. This is true of the dwindling image of the Enugu State Governor , Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.The recent resignation of his Commissioner for Lands is a bombshell which has uprooted the  remnants of Ugwuanyi's public trust.

More stinking is the reason for the Commissioner's resignation. It clearly reveals the rot in the Ugwuanyi-led administration.

No wonder, every dick and harry in Enugu have been thronging the residence of the former Commissioner with felicitations.

Indeed there is no gainsaying that the Enugu of our dream has been buried.

I recall my last article titled: "ELegy At The Graveside of Enugu State." In that article, I x- rayed the various decay and pitiable condition of Enugu State and wept. It was at the "graveside of Enugu State that I wished  the oracles of Enugu State stand to fight their course, especially exposing those behind the demise of the state.

In that article, I looked at our roads and remembered the Once known, Coal City. I looked at our rural areas, I saw our people struggling to pass as all major roads are in terrible shape. I looked at our schools, it was devastated like a debris of war. I looked at our land, they have all been grabbed in disguise.

In that article, I remembered the status of Enugu as the pride of the South East in those days and wept that today, my beloved Enugu is taking almost the last position in terms of development.

Listen to the former Commissioner in his letter of resignation, you will need no soothsayer to tell you that the Ugwuanyi-led administration is full of fraud, deceit and selfishness.

No doubt, the people of Enugu have been thrown into a ditch but there is hope and that hope rest on us to rise up to the occasion to choose a leader who will, like Hercules, clean King Orgy's stable within an unimaginable time frame.